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The team behind Ubuntu Kylin has published a new version of their distribution which introduces a new visual style

The team behind Ubuntu Kylin has published a new version of their distribution which introduces a new visual style. The project's new release, Ubuntu Kylin 19.04, introduces transparency effects to the application menu, adds a preview function to the file manager and provides nine months of support. "In April 19th, 2019, We are glad to announce the official release of open source operating system Ubuntu Kylin 19.04 (Disco Dingo). In this version, OS stability is our first goal to obtain. In order to provide a better experience for users, a series of improvements are made on system kernel, basic service, desktop environment and specialized apps. In addition, other open source distribution such as Ubuntu 19.04、Lubuntu 19.04 and Ubuntu Mate 19.04 are released in the same time. We are bringing a whole new visual experience in this distribution, from system choice, boot up animation, log in program to system desktop, a unified style is presented. Amazing transparency effect is utilized on start menu, taskbar and notification area, give your desktop a sense of technology. Practical functions are provided to simplify your daily operations." Further details can be found in the release announcement (Chinese, English). Download: ubuntukylin-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso (2,195MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).

Ubuntu Kylin 19.04

Ubuntu Kylin 19.04

Ubuntu Kylin 19.04 LTS ships with UKUI desktop environment, delivering new features, including a dark theme, a set of self-designed icons and login and lock screen programs which support biometric identifications technologies, such as iris and fingerprint. Linux kernel has been updated to 5.0. Besides, all the special software and the jointly developed software are updated to the new version, including Kylin Assistant, Ubuntu Kylin Software Center, Sougou Pinyin, WPS Office, Electronic Wechat and Kylin Burner.

优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)

UKUI Desktop Environment

UKUI is a desktop environment designed and developed by the Ubuntu Kylin team. It can provide Windows-like interactive functions and bring more friendly user experiences. UKUI has entered both Ubuntu and Debian repositories to provide a new desktop environment for users of Debian/Ubuntu distributions and derivatives worldwide. UKUI has been upgraded to version 2.2. It not only ships new login and lock programs, which is more stable and with more functions, but also adds a feedback program which is convenient for the feedback and questions. What’s more, the Setup Wizard is user-friendly that users can get start with Ubuntu Kylin quickly. To enrich the functions, Control Center adds settings of theme and window. At the same time, Start Menu, taskbar, notification bar, file manager, window manager and other components have been updated.

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