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GeoVisite, your free counter solution

What is “Geo-localization ?

Geo-localization is a tracking and mapping procedure which allows an internet users geographic location to be identified when he accesses your blog , forum or internet site. This is achieved using his IP address (an address which is allocated daily by the internet access provider) An internet users geographic location can be established using this process and is 97% reliable for tracing his country, 75% reliable for tracing his town or region. GEOVISITE offers dynamic and efficient free counters.


GEOTOOLBAR the usefull counter

GeoToolBar, counts your visitantes, shows their provenance, their profil, but especially it’s a very practical toolbar which we supplement regularly by offering new tools.

<--- 100% --->
Geo Tool Bar
<--- 100% --->
Toolbar Geo
<--- 100% --->
<--- 100% --->
geo toolbar

More about > GEOTOOLBAR
Your free counter

Instantaneously you can visualise your visitors with GEO-MAP.

A genuine tracking tool, Geo-map shows a real-time world map indicating active and inactive visitors. Geo marketing software is a tool ? Geo marketing is based on geolocation software ? Marketing geography ? Geo marketing analyses ? IP Addresses, and anything that has a geographic ? Here are a few examples of geo-map skins!

300x170 a 200x150 a
300x170 a 200x150 a
300x170 a 200x150 a
300x170 b 200x150 b
300x170 b 200x150 b
300x170 b 200x150 b

More about Geo Map
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With Geo-GLOBE your site enters a new dimension of geo-tracking

A rotating globe which indicates, in real-time, the location of your active on-line visitors as well as the location of all previous visitors .It also indicates diurnal and nocturnal zones. Here are a few examples of counter GEOGLOBE skins.

150x170 a 150x170 a 150x170 a
geocounter geocounter geocounter
150x170 b 150x170 b 150x170 b
geocounter geocounter geocounter
150x170 b 150x170 a 150x170 a
geocounter geocounter geocounter
150x170 a 150x170 a 150x170 b
geocounter geocounter geocounter

More about Geo Globe
Your free counter


Decorate your website, simply go to the configuration panel and instantly modify your counter geo-weather.

geoweather_150_180 geoweather_150_205 geoweather_150_350 geoweather_150_530
geoweather geo geoweather geo visite counter

More about Geo Weather
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Attractive online Geoclock.

This is updated in real time ... Simple and useful, dynamic and configurabile, custom design a geo-clock around your website's theme ...

Geoclock 150x300 a Geoclock 150x300 b Geoclock 150x300 c
Geoclock 150x560 a Geoclock 150x560 b Geoclock 150x560 c

More about Geo Clock
Your free counter

Offer GEO-COUNTER to your internet visitors and to yourself.

GEO-COUNTER shows in real time the number of on-line visitors to your site as well as recording the overall number of previous visits, according to their geographic country of origin. Here are just a few examples of geo-counter skins . New: you can personalize the background of your counter using your own images.

150x170 a 150x170 a 150x170 a
geocounter geocounter geocounter
150x170 b 150x170 b 150x170 b
geo geo visite counter geo counter
150x255 150x255 150x255
counter counter geovisite loc geo visite
150x340 150x340 150x340
loc loc loc

More about Geo Counter
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The mini counter

Geouser is a mini counter discreet that well integrated easily into your site.

150x70 a 150x70 a 150x70 a
geo user geouser geouser
150x170 a 150x170 a 150x170 a
geo user geo user geo user

More about Geo Stat
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Geo Stat System Statistics

Global positioning system, Geographic information systems


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