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x264 video encoder, xawtv-plugin-qt television viewer and xcftools command-line tools.

x264 video encoder for the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard.

x264 is an advanced commandline encoder for creating H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) video streams.

x264 was originally developed by Laurent Aimar, who stopped development in 2004 after being hired by Ateme. Loren Merritt then took over development.

Today, x264 is primarily developed by Loren Merritt, Jason Garrett-Glaser, Steven Walters, Anton Mitrofanov, David Conrad, and Guillaume Poirier.

x264 supports the following features:

* CABAC (context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding) and CAVLC
(context-based adaptive variable length coding
* multiple reference frames
* 16x16, 8x8 and 4x4 intra-predicted macroblocks
* all P-frame inter-predicted macroblock types
* B-Inter-predicted macroblock types from 16x16 down to 8x8
* rate distortion optimization
* multiple rate control modes (constant quantizer, constant quality, single
or multipass ABR with the option of VBV)
* scene cut detection
* adaptive B-frame placement, with the option of keeping B-frames as
references / arbitrary frame order
* 8x8 and 4x4 adaptive spatial transform (high profile)
* lossless mode (high 4:4:4 profile)

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Similar packages: x264 frontends

* Avidemux
* FFmpeg
* HandBrake, a cross-platform DVD and video file converter
* MediaCoder
* MEncoder
* MiniCoder
* RipBot264
* Staxrip
* VirtualDub with a Video for Windows-compatible version of x264
* VLC media player (x264 project homepage and repository is on the VideoLAN website)

xawtv-plugin-qt television viewer.
xawtv started as TV application for the bttv driver, because the Motif-based "xtvscreen" was the only TV application at this time. Alot has changed since:

  • The xawtv and bttv driver switched over to the video4linux interface.
  • Support for more interfaces was added: Xvideo Extention, the new video4linux2 interface and BSD Family video grabber driver (bktr).
  • xawtv isn't a single application any more, it is a small suite of video4linux related software, with video recording capabilities and serveral useful command line tools.
  • In the future even more hardware will be supported, the current development snapshots already have DVB support for example.

This package provides a plugin to record QuickTime movies with xawtv and motv.

Download: Similar packages: xcftools command-line tools for extracting data for XCF files.

This is a set of fast command-line tools for extracting information from the Gimp's native file format XCF. The tools are designed to allow efficient use of layered XCF files as sources in a build system that use 'make' and similar tools to manage automatic processing of the graphics. These tools work independently of the Gimp engine and do not require the Gimp to even be installed.

"xcf2pnm" converts XCF files to ppm, pgm or pbm format, flattening layers if necessary. If the image contains transparency, an alpha map can be written to a separate file, or a background color can be specified on the command line.

"xcf2png" converts XCF files to PNG format, flattening layers if necessary. Transparency information can be kept in the image, or a background color can be specified on the command line.

"xcfinfo" lists information about layers in an XCF file.

"xcfview" is a wrapper script that flattens an XCF image and displays it using an external PNG/PPM viewer. To use this script, you must make sure also to install an appropriate external viewer, as well as the mime-support package which provides the mailcap database.

The tools can either flatten an XCF file as given, or extract specific layers named on the command line.


Similar packages:

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