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JW Player is everything you love about HTML5 and Flash rolled into one incredible player.

jwplayerJW Player automatically selects the best playback for your viewer's device and browser, so you deliver unparalleled video experience on iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Desktop.

What can you do with the JWPlayer:
  • easily place your videos online (the jwplayer site offers a wizard to get you started)
  • customize the size about your player
  • customize the controls
  • add a logo to your player
  • enable or not the autostart of the video playback
  • easily customize the main colors of the interface
  • enable streaming if you have a server for it
  • enable http streaming emulation using a server side script
  • share several independant videos clips
  • or share a single videos as several “chapters” in a way similar to a dvd with its menu
  • skin the player
  • add or even develop plugins
  • play a youTube playlist
  • play the playlist coming from a RSS feed
Considering the player can be extended via plugins and that the code is open, there are probably a lot more features that could be added to this list but these are the features that made us pick this player.


Look your best on every device, every time
JW Player 6 automatically selects the optimal features for a user's device and browser, so your video is guaranteed to look its best in every situation. That means on smartphones and tablets, HTML5 perfectly resizes your video, without you having to do a thing. On desktop browsers, both HTML5 and Flash are at your disposal for the optimal playback experience.
JW Player is optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screensAll Media.
Play any video, no problem.
JW Player works with all the most common video and audio formats, so you won't have to deal with encoding issues to get your media up and running. Want to deliver streaming? We are the leader in video streaming, and setup is a snap.
JW Player supports MP4, WebM, and FLV video formats, the most common audio formats, and HLS and RTMP streamingAdaptive Streaming.
The leader in HLS live streaming on iOS and Flash.
If you want to stream video, JW Player can take you where others can't. The undisputed leader in video streaming, we are the only major player delivering HLS streaming on both iOS and Flash and live streaming with both HLS and RTMP. Our CDN support runs broad and deep. Special partnerships with Wowza, Amazon CloudFront, and Akamai means seamless integration with your JW Player.
JW Player is the leader in HLS live streaming on iOS and Flash and RTMP streamingAll New UX.
Video experience re-designed for iPad and mobile.
Built exclusively to showcase your video, our sleek and subtle design invites more clicks and user engagement right from the start. Your video will look as great on mobile as it does on the desktop because JW Player 6 provides a consistent viewing experience in HTML5 and Flash. What's more, we've integrated a host of exciting features as well as eight amazing skins into the player, for maximum customizability and extensibility. Learn More
JW Player provides a video user experience great for iPad and Google NexusSkins.
Get seamless visual design with your site.
Going for a clean, classic look? Or something more stylish? JW Player 6 comes with eight professional skins, built by our design team. For even more possibilities, design your own skin. It's easy to customize the face of your JW Player with our skinning model.
JW Player skins let you customize your player to match your site's look and feelIntegrated Features.
Most popular player with the most popular features.
In response to popular demand, we integrated our most popular plugins into the new JW Player itself. Now when you get JW Player 6, you also get Social Sharing, Related Videos, Google Analytics Plugin, Captions, HD Switching, and more. All these features have been totally updated for JW Player 6, plus you'll get our all new Video Analytics. As always, JW Player 6 lets you create playlists, skin your player, and extend it using our Javascript API. With its comprehensive integrated feature set, JW Player 6 is ready to rock and roll, right out of the box.
JW Player 6 has our most popular features built in (sharing to Facebook and Twitter, Google Analytics plugin, and more)Ad Ready.
Start advertising in minutes.
Need to deliver video ads on your website or blog? JW Player Ads is the complete solution to all your video advertising needs. With built-in VAST/VPAID support, you can deliver ads from any VAST-compliant ad server or ad network. You can also take advantage of our premium ad partner integrations, such as with Google IMA. We help deliver billions of ads per month.
JW Player Ads is VAST-compliant and is the full solution to all your video advertising needsVideo Analytics.
Insight into your video views.
When you download JW Player 6 you get a free user account with access to our all new Video Analytics. From your analytics dashboard, you can track video views both by domain and across all domains embedding your video. Even more awesome reports are soon to come. Watch your views go up in time as you implement a data-driven video strategy.
JW Player's video analytics dashboard provides insight into your video views
Fully customizable and always open source.
Once you put our API library on your server, you can easily call functions on a player, listen to events from a player, chain your API calls with jQuery, and implement Javascript plugins. We make it easy for you to go wild with your own video–page interactions and integrations with your favorite applications. Your code will work with with both HTML5 and Flash, so you can streamline your development process. Our developer community is constantly pushing the envelope on what can be done with online video -- Join us.
JW Player is customizable and extensible with our JavaScript API and is open source foreverWizard.
We'll get you up and running.
You tell us how you want your player setup, and we’ll write you the code. Choose your video and poster image, player size, autostart option - just let us know what you have in mind. With our JW Player 6 setup wizard, you don’t have to be a professional programmer to have access to professional-grade publishing.

Downloaded the player and need a bit of help getting everything the way you want it? Our wizard will get you squared.
JW Player's startup wizard makes it easy to get video on your websiteCompare Plans.
Choose the JW Player that's right for you.
We rebuilt JW Player 6 from the ground up, so we’re sure you’re going to love whichever edition you choose. JW Player Free is the perfect starter player for non-commercial sites. It includes all our core features including full HTML5 and Flash playback, our all new iPad-inspired UX, plus Video Analytics with your free account. JW Player Pro is our basic business edition: In addition to the core features, it lets you remove our watermark and brand the player as your own. We recommend JW Player Premium to anyone looking for great value - you get our full integrated feature set inside the player. Lastly, JW Player Ads includes everything in the premium player plus the ability to run VAST/VPAID ads with your own ad server or any of the leading ad servers or networks.

Choose a JW Player edition for you: Free, Pro, Premium, Ads, or Enterprise

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