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Jack Yu has announced the release of UbuntuKylin 13.10, an official variant of Ubuntu (with Unity) designed for users in China and providing a customised Chinese user experience.

UbuntuKylin is an official Ubuntu subproject whose goal is to create a variant of Ubuntu that is more suitable for Chinese users using the Simplified Chinese writing system.

The project provides a delicate, thoughtful and fully customised Chinese user experience out-of-the-box by providing a desktop user interface localised into Simplified Chinese and with software generally preferred by many Chinese users.
ubuntukylin3Featured Applications.
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      Shipped with three featured applications that are “Dash online music searcher”、“Lunar (Chinese traditional calendar)”、“Weather plug-ins”and“LOTUS”,making the desktop more China style.

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      Designed for UbuntuKylin users to create a“system-level management and configuration tools”,based on Qt / QML, Python implementation, make your desktop more fluid, easy to use and full of personality!

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      With the cooperation of King Soft Company“WPS for UbuntuKylin”series of common office toolkit is available for Chinese users with the same experience of the Windows version while keeping the habits of linux users as well as possible. It is deeply compatible with UbuntuKylin 13.04, coming with a complete set of fonts, online templates, resources. Documents creation becomes more easier and more efficient.

Chinese Input Method.
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      Using“Fcitx”as Chinese input method as default,which is based on a collection of the XIM Simplified Chinese input method (originally G wubi), including Wubi, Wubi Pinyin, pen, Cangjie, breeze, Bingchan holographic, spelling as well as location coding table, which is lightweight and easy to use.

Kingsoft Kuaipan.
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      ubuntuKylin team and Kingsoft jointly developed “Linux version of the network disk client”,with file synchronization, backup and sharing capabilities. Being developed, so stay tuned!

Download UbuntuKylin 13.10 “Saucy Salamander” via Distrowatch:

Jack Yu has announced the release of UbuntuKylin 13.10, an official variant of Ubuntu (with Unity) designed for users in China and providing a customised Chinese user experience: "We are glad to announce the release of UbuntuKylin 13.10. In this release, the Linux kernel has been updated to 3.11. We have added more useful applications, such as Youker Assistant, KuaiPan client, fcitx-qimpanel, Unity China video scope, Unity China photo scope and UbuntuKylin wallpapers. Besides, Chinese calendar, Indicator China Weather, Unity China music scope and WPS for UbuntuKylin have been updated. New features: system customization - provides new GRUB selection, slideshow and boot animation; Youker Assistant provides a simple but powerful way for users to use and manage their systems; Unity China video scope - shows Chinese video results searched from Youku service on Dash...." See the release announcement (in Chinese) and release notes (in English, with screenshots) for more details. Download: ubuntukylin-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso (941MB, SHA256, torrent).


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