How to send SMS using Kontact.

Create an account at smsjoker (or something similar). Prices are ok and writing SMS at your PC just rocks.


Load script “smsjoker-script” from Open Konsole and with root permissions. Copy script to /usr/local/bin and make it executable:


# cp smsjoker-script /usr/local/bin/
# chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/smsjoker-script


Call up program as the regular user once.


$ smsjoker-script


Now you will find a hidden file called “.smsjoker-script” in your home directory. Open this file with e.g. Kate and change the parameters OWN_NUMBER and PASSWORD. Use values you have used when creating your account.




Last step has to be done in Kontact. Open addressbook and select Settings –>


Configure addressbook.

Look for SMS Text and enter the following string:

smsjoker-script "%N" "%F"

Configure Kontact.

How to use this?.

Select a contact in your addressbook which includes mobile phone number and click on SMS.




Select SMS.

A small window appears. Please enter your message.




Enter your Message.

After clicking on Send your SMS is sent.

Another small passive window appears and informs you about the delivery status and account balance.

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