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What is Social Bookmarking?

How to Social Bookmark?

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the latest craze in cyber world, which is the cousin of social networking. Well, actually, both go hand in hand and are comrades in cyber-social revolution.

Have you ever wonder what these little icons are (see the little icons below this post) ?

These are called social bookmarking icons.


Social bookmarking is the same as you bookmark any website/page in your browser. The only difference is that social bookmarking is saved in a website and not on your local computer. So it doesn’t matter which computer you use, you always have your bookmarks available with you.

Another advantage of social bookmarking is that you never loose them even virus wipes out your computer. You always have them in your social bookmarking account which is always available on the Internet.

Why to Social Bookmark?

Answer is simple. We do social bookmarking to promote websites and achieve Google top 10 ranking. Social bookmarking is supplementary to overall SEO activities. However Social bookmarking is not all about Search Engine Optimization and certainly not the playing fields for SEO experts.

Social Bookmarking also reflects the latest in the world and what is happening all around the world. Well this statement might not be true as most of social bookmarking websites originate in USA so it is no wonder that story/news involving America will always be in top. Just browse through digg or any other famous social bookmarking website and you will see it by yourself.

Social Bookmarking Websites

There are plenty of them and they keep on appearing ever other day. Some of the most popular ones are present below this post.

How to Social bookmark?

In order to start social bookmarking you need to register with these websites, get your e-mail address verified and you are ready to start.

Next step is to add the website/web page in your social bookmarking account by clicking on these little icons if you can find on the website which you wish to bookmark.

Even if you don’t see icons on the website/web page, which you want to bookmark, you still can bookmark by logging into the social bookmarking websites, adding the website’s URL/Title, Description and any comments manually.

If the website/ web page is already bookmarked by someone else then you might not be able to bookmark it, in which case you can Vote for it by clicking on the available options which would be available against each of such bookmarks.

Clever Bookmarking

Remember these social websites are very choosy and play by their own rules and if you violate them your account will be closed immediately. Following are some of the precautions to take

1) Don’t bookmark useless website which is of no use to you or general public. However you can book mark them as private

2) Provide a useful comments. Comments like “Excellent” or “Awesome” are not appreciated.

3) Don’t spam. Don’t start bookmarking each and every page of the website.

4) Provide keyword/Tags/Labels etc while bookmarking. If there are categories/subcategories options available then use them.

Social Bookmarking and SEO

Social bookmarking plays an important role in SEO. Social Bookmarking is hot, popular and widely referenced not only by humans but also by other websites/spiders.

A clever bookmarking strategy can be helpful in achieving higher rank.

So what you are waiting for start clicking on these little icons and join the revolution.
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