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The Best Free Blog Header Resources, Chapter II

Header images are known to help create a more unique impression in visitors’ minds, so choosing one that sets your blog apart can be a daunting task.

There is some controversy, however what size and type of image should be properly used as a header image.

For one thing, they improve the “branding” of your business, but, unless used properly, they can negatively impact your search engine rankings. Optimizing the header image is key, so it is recommended that you use alt and description tags that are similar or exactly the same as your site title and description.

Wide headers sometimes create negative results with search engines as necessary keywords are not included and cannot be picked up, as they are shown below the fold – the area below the screen’s visible area. Use header images in conjunction with your site’s title, and appropriate page links (preferably displayed above the header, if it is large).

Visitors see the headers first, so it is also necessary to make sure that it is optimized – and kept under 50-70 KB. Images that are larger than this will take several seconds to load, especially on slower connections, resulting in visitors that remember your site only for the content, if they decided to stay, or the long wait time.

Below is a listing of some resources available for header images, or ideas to kick start your header creation, if you have decided to create your own based on another image or site’s logo/header.

Note: Images are displayed not for use, instead they have been placed there to sample the quality and types of images available and have been resized to minimize size. And, please abide to all copyright/Creative Commons Licenses that these sites have placed on images. They are there for a reason – they took the time to create them and do not want others to take credit for their efforts.

Designed for Specific Themes

These images were sized according to certain themes.


  • Free Blog Headers from Blogger Talk
  • Details: Most of the 76+ images are high quality and range in size, typically larger format 500px x 100px or larger.

    License: A link back to bloggertalk.net is required using a text link or a custom banner. Images should be uploaded to your own server and not hot linked. Headers are not to be redistributed for financial gain.



  • Blog Headers from Invision-Graphics
  • Details: 24+ blog headers in the range of 700px x 100px in size, more niche-specific images such as cartoons, cars, etc.

    License: A link back is required for all images.


  • More Doubts – Free Header Images
  • Details: Images for WordPress, Blogger, and other blogging platforms. Sizes are up to 760px x 200px, and they are optimized. Links are provided to the images with around 28 available. The theme of the images are abstract/text free and an attitude series, many designed specifically for blogging purposes.

    License: No specific requirements are made.



  • I Design Poems – Free Header Images
  • Details: Contains images relating to the poems that the blog author writes about, sizes are approximately 760px x 200px or less.

    License: No specific requirements are made.



  • Web Song Designs – Blank Headers with Tutorial
  • Details: A collection of nature-oriented headers, 800px x 200px in size. A tutorial is also available on how to integrate the images into your blog.

    License: Images should not be altered. Download/host the images on your own server or free hosting service and include a credit somewhere on your page.



Adserver          610x250

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  1. hi.. i really like your entries regarding free header.. i myself was a new blogger and i want to prettify my blog.. but every time i'm trying a new header it always don't fit.. what seems to be a problem? thanks.. i'll appreciate a response