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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (also referred to as simply Enemy Territory, ET or WET) is a free multiplayer first-person shooter video game set during

This is a multi-player online first-person shooter linux game. It's a team game; you will win or fall along with your comrades. The only way to complete the objectives that lead to victory is by cooperation.

Featuring multi-player support for as many as 64 players, the game challenges gamers to the ultimate test of teamwork and strategy. Each of the five character classes is critical to a team's ultimate victory or defeat on the battlefield. The Covert Operative class allows players to steal uniforms, perform reconnaissance and gain access to enemy positions. While, the Engineer allows the Axis and Allied teams to lay and diffuse mines as well as build battlefield bridges, towers, forward command bases and other improvements in the midst of combat to gain advantages for their team.

The game further offers online players the option to slug it out in the intense Team Last-Man-Standing game mode, where squad-mates cooperate to ensure their team has the last surviving man on the battlefield. With new game modes, character classes, weaponry, and added tactical skills, the game can keep gamers in the trenches for hours.

Note: System Requirements:

  • Linux x86 - kernel >= 2.2 - 2.4 recommended
  • glibc >= 2.1 - 2.2 recommended
  • A recent and mainstream distribution is recommended
  • 600MHz CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • OpenGL-compliant 3D video card and Linux driver

Download DEMO


Tips and walktroughs


Single Player Overview

The year is 1943, and the Nazi War machine threatens to not crush Europe, but the rest of the world as well. Unknown to the general public, the fate of the free world often lies in the hands of a select few heroes, members of the Office of Secret Action.

You are one of these legendary protectors of freedom, B.J. Blazkowicz. Highly trained in reconnaisance, infiltration, combat, and military tactics, it is your job to uncover the reason behind the Nazi's activity around Castle Wolfenstein. The leader of the Nazi Paranormal Division, a General by the name of Himmler, has increased his activity in this area, and reports have come in that his group is experimenting in occult magic and horrific scientific experiments involving cybernetics and genetic manipulation.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter game, powered by the (heavily tweaked) Quake 3 engine. The single player game spans seven missions, each of which has several different levels. The game challenges you to not only survive, but to recover the many treasures and artifacts that the Nazi regime has stolen.

The image below is a typical screenshot of your Heads Up Display, or HUD. An explanation of each of the elements follows.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked abilities in RTCW is the sprint. By holding down the Sprint key (Caps Lock by default) you can achieve quick bursts of speed. Your Sprint Bar will drop quickly, though, and you can only sprint as long as it remains green. Note that jumping also drains your Sprint Bar, so no bunny-hopping!

It's how much health you have, duh. Don't let it reach 0. Replenish your health by picking up Medkits dropped by Medics.

Shows how much protection you have in the form of armor. You can pick up more by grabbing flak jackets or helmets.

Hint Icon
If the object you're standing in front of can be used, broken, climbed, or stabbed, you will see an icon appear in this area. Look in particular for things that can be used, as they often lead to secrets.

Player can use this weapon or item. MG42 machine guns can be used if they're not broken. Just walk up to the object and hit the "use" key. Try taking one or two steps back if it doesn't work. A few seconds later, BOOM!

Players can climb this ladder or surface. Just look up the ladder and walk forward. Normally be careful not to fall off ladders, though you can jump off if you need to.

You can break the object by shooting it or stabbing it. Just for fun or to get things like chairs out of the way so you can be ready to move around more easily.

You can stab this enemy with your knife and score an instant (and silent) kill. You can only do this if enemies are not aware of your presence, so be sneaky.

If you have a new passage in your notebook to read, an icon will appear here. Press the "N" key to read your notebook.

Ammo in Clip
Tells you how much ammo is left in your current clip. You'll reload automatically if it reaches 0, but you can reload prematurely by hitting the Reload key (R by default). This is good to keep yourself from becoming vulnerable during a firefight.

Ammo in Reserve
Shows how much ammunition you have in reserve. Increase this number by picking up ammo or weapons.

If you have an item in your inventory, its icon will appear here.

Wolfenstein History & Technology

The original Wolfenstein linux game was an old game released for many different systems in 1983 as Castle Wolfenstein. A sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, followed in 1984. Both games consisted of a board on which you moved a little stick figure around trying to avoid guards. Its game play and graphics are nothing like those of Wolfenstein 3D, but the games share a similar story/plot/goal. The first-person shooter titled Wolfenstein 3D was originally released for DOS in 1992 by ID Software. It was later released in 1994 for the Macintosh. There was also a version released for the Super Nintendo and later for the Atari Jaguar. In 2002, it was even released for the Game Boy Advance.

The game features the first-person perspective with which we are now so familiar. The items and enemies are sprites. Sprites are a collection of static images that are moved around, resized, and even animated. For example, an enemy's feet moving would be an animation only a few images in length, the enemy's traveling left and right would be movement of the sprite, and the enemy coming closer would be an enlarging of the sprite. The levels are single-layered; this means that even though the game is a "3D first-person shooter," you can only move in 2 dimensions: left/right and forward/back. In Wolfenstein 3D, you can not jump, crouch, climb stairs, etc. Since Wolfenstein 3D, games have steadily improved. Doom added the ability to walk up stairs creating differing heights. Descent and Duke Nukem 3D made the levels even more 3D by allowing rooms to actually be on top of each other; there is also jumping/crouching in Duke Nukem 3D. Quake added high-quality 3D items and enemies by using polgon models rather than sprites. Since then, game makers have been constantly improving on graphics and gameplay.

The first sequel to Wolfenstein 3D was released only for the PC in 1992. This 20-level game is called Spear of Destiny. Since then, there has been only one sequel to Wolfenstein 3D. In Fall 2001, Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released for both the PC and Mac.


B.J. has access to a variety of weapons to wage his war against his enemies. Different situations call for different weapons, so it's important to know the ins and outs of your arsenal.

It's... a knife. You stab things with it. If you can sneak up on a victim and get them in the back before they're aware of you, you get an instant (and silent) kill.

Pistols: Colt Model 1911 and Luger 9mm Parabellum
Allied and Axis pistols. Both work pretty much the same --point and fire. You don't want to be stuck using either one, though, so go for something more powerful. Once you find a second, the Colts can be dual wielded to double the firepower, while you can find and attach a silencer to the Luger.

Grenades that can be thrown over obstacles or bounced around corners. Both types of grenades function the same. Hold fire to delay throwing so that they explode sooner after release. Dynamite can be put down to prepare traps --hold down the fire button to set longer fuses.

Dynamite can be put down to prepare traps --hold down the fire button to set longer fuses, then get the heck outa town. Dynamite traps are effective against enemies that will always chase you, like zombies or Super Soldiers.

Standard issue sub-machine gun. Has a moderate rate of fire and won't overheat. A good fallback weapon for use against weaker enemies.

Light sub-machine gun, comprable to the MP40 in some ways, but does more damage and has a smaller magazine capacity. Good fallback weapon, though ammo may be scarce.

A more powerful gun that fires much more quietly, but you can't even get a whole clip off before it overheats (as indicated by a red bar in your HUD) and you must let it cool down. Excellent for stealth missions.

Mauser Rifle
Sniper rifle long distance shots. The zoomed view sways badly unless you're crouching, and it gives a heck of a kickback. The Mauser can take most opponents down in one headshot, though.

Snooper Rifle
This stealthy rifle fires an extremely powerful shot without making even a whisper. It's extremely valuable to have on stealth missions, particularly those in large open areas where you can wipe out the enemy from great distances. Unfortunately, its ammunition is very limited.

FG42 Paratrooper Rifle
These are the weapons most commonly carried by Black Guards. It's a semiautomatic rifle that does good damage and has a large clip capacity. Its rate of fire isn't as fast as some of the submachine guns, but it packs more of a punch. It also has a small scope that can zoom in and out (though not as much as the Snooper Rifle or Mauser).

Fires a huge missile that blooms into a cloud of destruction. You can only carry a few missiles at a time, though, so don't waste them.

Venom Gun
Portable destruction. This weapon takes a second to spin up, but once it's going it really mows everything down. Very powerful, but goes through ammo quickly. It can also overheat like the Sten.

The flamethrower spews great clouds of beautiful flame that will catch enemies on fire and cook them to a crisp. The range on the flamethrower is pretty good and it's just immensely satisfying to use. Flamethrowers are very effective against zombies.

Tesla Gun
The Tesla Gun is one of the weapons to come out of Himmler's top secret laboratories. It fires sizzling bolts of electricity at everything in the immediate area. The weapon can push foes back slightly, so it's useful against creatures like zombie knights.


Mission 1, Level 1: Escape

You and Agent One are captured and locked deep within a dank German castle. You must escape from your cell, fight or sneak your way through the prison's lower regions, and make your way to the surface. Any information or Nazi treasure that you can find along the way will be most useful.

Mission 1, Level 2: Castle Wolfenstein

Continue your flight from the castle, fighting your way through entire platoons of Nazi soldiers. It is imperative that you make good with your escape so that you can meet Kessler, your contact in the German Resistance circle known as Kreisau Circle. The information he has on the SS Paranormal division is of great interest to the Allied forces, and it's up to you to collect it.

Mission 1, Level 3: Tram Ride

Ride the tram to freedom, finally escaping the German prison where you and Agent 0 were captured. The scenery is beautiful, but you'll meet heavy opposition so don't spend too much time admiring nature's handiwork. At the end of the ride you will enter the village where you meet Kessler. This member of the German resistance group will aid you in your quest for information, so you must find him.

Mission 2, Level 1: Village

Helga Von Bulow, the head of Himmler's SS Paranormal division, is overseeing some kind of mysterious excavation near Castle Wolfenstein. You must uncover what she is up to, relying on help from another member of the Kreusau Circle, Karl Villigut. This operative is waiting for you in the village and has an item critical to your mission.

Mission 2, Level 2: Catacombs

Your pursuit of Helga Von Bulow has led you to the catacombs that snake beneath the village. At the other end of these dark passageways is the entrance to an old abandoned church where Von Bulow and her cabal of Elite Guards are excavating. Rumors of terrible creatures prowling the catacombs fill the beer houses in the village, but you must delve into them if you want to stop whatever Von Bulow has planned.

Mission 2, Level 3: Crypt

Your macabre adventure into the catacombs beneath the village has taken you deep within the earth where supernatural terrors make their lair. The catacombs are also full of traps to make short work of foolish visitors, but that's the least of your worries.

Mission 2, Level 4: Defiled Church

Surfacing from the catacombs you find yourself in the middle of a 1,000 year old church that has long been defiled and made the home of many dark rituals. Helga Von Bulow is here now, along with her personal guards. These Elite Guards are highly trained and bound together by a witch's coven, so they are the most dangerous enemy you've faced yet. Be careful.

Mission 2, Level 5: Tomb

Von Bulow's prize is finally within her reach. The Dagger of Warding is an artifact of immense supernatural power, and this woman will possess it at any costs. But what might be guarding the dagger? You're going to find out.

Mission 3, Level 1: Forest Compound

Deathshead aims to release a chemical ordinance on the Allied forces via a long-range rocket. He must, obviously, be stopped. You'll have to infiltrate his rocket base armed only with a knife and Sten. This mission requires to you to collect the experimental Snooper Rifle and stow away in a supply truck.

Mission 3, Level 2: Rocket Base

Deathshead's rocket is primed for launch, pending a few final tests. You must make your way to the rocket control room to activate the self-destruct mechanism before the deadly payload take flight and heads straight to London. The base will, of course, be heavily guarded.

Mission 3, Level 3: Radar installation

Tha Axis are experimenting with a new kind of aircraft code named "Kobra". Your mission is to steal one of these crafts from right under the noses of Himmler's own "Black Guards" and bring it back to Malta for examination. While you're at it, you will need to locate and destroy the MVX-mk1 Radar to cripple the Axis intelligence in the area.

Mission 3, Level 4: Air Base Assault

The Kobra is almost within your reach. You only have to eliminate the last few lines of reistance and prep the ship for launch. But beware: The Black Guard are likely to become aware of your presence in the airbase and move to stop you.

Mission 4, Level 1: Kuglestadt

The Axis plots are beginning to become more and more nefarious. You are now reasonably sure that they are involved in some kind of research involving advanced robotics and the occult, but it remains unknown what their exact goals are. As the first step in undoing their work, you must infiltrate their secret labs. One of Himmler's top scientists wants to defect to your side, but remains captive in a bombed out city under siege. You must accompany a Panzer tank through the war-torn town and help the scientist escape.

Mission 4, Level 2: The Bombed Factory

This new area is thoroughly ravaged by Allied bombing raids, but still contains many dangers. You will have to pass through this tattered industrial complex on your way towards Himmler's X-Labs. While you are at it, you will need to secure another critical intelligence item: The technical notes for a new type of machine gun called the "Venom Gun".

Mission 4, Level 3: The Train Yards

The last area between you and the X-Labs is an old train yard concealing many dangers. This area is relatively untouched by the bombs of your allies, so it is still well guarded. Somewhere in this area lies the hidden entrance to Deathshead's laboratories.

Mission 4, Level 4: Secret Weapons Facility

You've finally made it inside of Deathshead's Secret Weapons Factory. Now you must pursue Deathshead to his secret submarine pen and find out what you can about the location of his mysterious X-Labs.

Mission 5, Level 1: Ice Station Norway

Your interrogation of the Axis captive has revealed the X-Labs' position: Norway. Lightly armed but ready for anything, you must fight your way through the icy terrain and punch through the compound's outer defenses.

Mission 5, Level 2: X-Labs

You have located the entrance to the X-Labs, but what you find within may make you wish you hadn't. Your goal here is Deathshead's personal project book, which should help you unravel the dark mysteries surrounding this place. Be prepared for anything, though, as the madman's most dangerous creations are sure to be found here.

Mission 5, Level 3: Super Soldier Chamber

You have cornered Deathshead in his Super Soldier lab, but he's not alone...

Mission 6, Level 1: Bramburg Dam

Deathshead has fled and his location remains unknown, but that's the least of your problems. His project book tells you that he and a witch priestess known as Marianna Bavatsky were planning on using the last of his cybernetic terrors to resurrect Heinrich I from his grave near Castle Wolfenstein. They must be stopped. You are to be airdropped a few miles outside of the ceremony's intended location, and must make your way there. The first obstacle in your path is the heavily guarded Bramburg Dam.

Mission 6, Level 2: Paderborn Village

Your journey to the ceremony site takes you through the village of Baderborn, where several of Himmler's paranormal experts are gathered. Not one to let such a golden opportunity pass by, you must assassinate all of these generals before finding your way to the chateau.

Mission 6, Level 3: Chateau Schufstaffel

This large mansion must be breached in order for you to gain access to the ceremony site. Fight your way through and find the back door leading to the woods behind the building.

Mission 6, Level 4: Unhallowed Ground

You're drawing closer and closer, but first you must cross the dangerous forests between you and the ceremony where Bavatsky is planning on resurrecting Heinrich. It's not going to be easy, as more of the Elite Guards will be on hand to stop you.

Mission 7, Level 1: The Dig

Delve deep into the ceremony's excavation site on your way towards the ultimate confrontation. Once you find the site, you must destroy all of the Super Soldiers that are guarding it.

Mission 7, Level 2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Fight further through the dig site, drawing ever closer to your goal. Here you must battle more undead and locate an alternative entrance to Castle Wolfenstein if you are to stop the ceremony.

Mission 7, Level 3: Heinrich

Finally, the end is near. But will it be your end as well? Bavatsky has succeeded in bringing her master back from the grave, and you're in for one hell of a fight. The future of the world lies in your hands.


You'll encounter a wide variety of foes in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and it pays to do a little research before taking them on. We won't spoil all the surprises for you, but below is a brief description of the major enemies in the game.


The grunts of the Nazi army aren't exactly in short supply, so you'll be seeing a lot of them. Their appearance may vary depending on the environment, wearing camoflague or different uniforms. Soldiers are fairly weak and go down with a couple of shots or one well placed headshot. They usually come armed with simple submachineguns or the Mauser rifle. Feel free to mow them down in droves, but don't let them distract you from more dangerous foes.
Elite Guard

These leather clad vixins are much more dangerous than they look, so don't stand there oggling while they pump you full of lead. Elite Guards are highly trained and highly capable. They always carry Sten submachine guns and often work in groups to considerably shorten your life. Elite Guards can be quite nimble, dodging and tumbling their way out of harm's way if you manage to get the upper hand. Best to mow them down quickly or toss a grenade or two their way.
Nazi Officer

These lieutenants from the SS army don't pack much in the way of firepower, so they don't often give you much trouble. They can be a mean shot with their Luger pistols. Don't get too cocky or they'll put a bullet between your eyes in no time flat. Best to take them out quickly and get on with your mission. Also watch out for supporting German troops when you see an officer; they aren't often found alone. You may alwo be called upon to assassinate these leaders in some missions.
Black Guard

These Nazi soldiers occupy the upper echelon of Himmler's personal guard. They're tough, smart, and dangerous. One single Black Guard can use his assault rifle to put you six feet under, so best to get in, hit hard, and hit fast. More than one can require the use of heavy weaponry like the panzerfaust, grenades, or the minigun. Black Guards sometimes parachute in as reinforcements --shoot down their parachutes before they can land to score easy kills.

The Scientists of Himmler's paranormal organization spend most of their time in their laboratories, tinkering with things that mankind was never meant to meddle with (or even know about, for that matter). They lack training in combat and aren't armed with anything more than pistols, but they'll fight for their safety with the same tenacity that drives their research into the macabre. Just gun them down before they whittle down too much more of their health.
Worker / Engineer

You may on occasion encounter workers, engineers, and pilots that are in the employment of the Nazi army. These workers are not without guilt, as their every moment is spent supporting the German war machine and working towards the subjecation of the free world. Many of them will, in fact, not hesitate to draw their sidearms and start firing on you. Just be careful and make sure that they don't have any important information to impart before you blow them away.>

The Nazis' interference with the world of the undead and their black magic rituals have disturbed the dead. Zombies are as likely to attack Nazi soldiers as they are to come after you, so if the opportunity presents itself, let them duke it out first. Zombies will continue to rise up after being shot down, so make sure to take an extra second to blow apart their prone forms. Also be wary of the seeking phantom skulls that the zombies can emit. They will follow you around corners. Fire is very effective against Zombies.
Zombie Knight

Zombie Knights are similar to their other Zombies you encounter, but they come equipped with shields and melee weapons --swords or axes. Be careful when spraying them with gunfire. They also don't get back up when shot down. Zombie Knights can crouch behind their shields and actually reflect your gunfire back at you. You can either fire at their unprotected feet or lure them into taking a swing at you and dropping their guard. Strike hard when you have the chance.
Fire Zombie

Swimming in enchanted flames and capable of spewing a great fountains of flame, the Fire Zombie is a very dangerous foe. You will encounter one as a boss at the end of the first crypt level, then once again in the next level. Keep your distance and pound away on it with grenades or gunfire until they go down. Whatever you do, don't get backed into a corner or you'll be one toasty soldier. Grenades and dynamite traps are quite effective against Fire Zombies.

These lumbering monstrosities are horrors to behold, and one of the most dangerous foes you'll face. They can move very quickly and leap considerable distances to slam into you and subject you to their fearsome lightning attack. Fortunately, Lopers attack everything in sight, so they'll also go after Nazi forces that are nearby. Note that Lopers' attacks can hit you even if you're standing on a grateway above them, so practice extreme caution.
Super Soldier Prototype

Super Soldiers are perhaps the most dangerous foe you will encounter outside of the "boss" enemies. These hulking cybernetic monstrosities will attempt to either ventillate you with a Minigun or blow you to nite-size bits with a panzerfaust attached to their right arm. The only way to effectively deal with them is to keep your distance and pull out your biggest guns --the Panzerfaust works best, since "dodge" isn't a word in this creature's vocabulary.
Super Soldier

The pinnacle of Deathshead's twisted experiments, the Super Soldier are very bad news. They're protected by thick plates of armor that must be blasted off to expose the vulnerable flesh beneath. While you're trying to peel them like a fruit, though, they'll be blasting away at you with rockets, a minigun, and a built-in Tesla cannon. Stay away and use the environment for cover if you want to survive an encouner with one of these nightmares.

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