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Poc-Streameris, suite of MP3 tools and MP3 streaming programs and Quelcom command line editing tools for MP3 and WAV files

Poc-Streameris a suite of MP3 tools and MP3 streaming programs.

It can stream MP3s over HTTP, RTP multicast (RFC 2250 and RFC 3119) and a special multicast protocol to enable the use of Forward Error Correction to protect the MP3 stream against packet loss.

It can also stream OGGs over HTTP. In addition to the streaming programs, poc contains two MP3 tools: mp3cue and mp3cut. mp3cue can cut a big MP3 file according to a tracklisting contained in a .cue file. mp3cut can split and concatenate MP3 files according to time slices given on the command line. mp3cut cuts MP3 files on ADU (autonomous data units) frames to ensure best quality.

Available deb Repositories:

Debian 32-bit 64-bit
etch 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3
lenny 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3
squeeze 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3
sid 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3

Ubuntu 32-bit 64-bit
dapper 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3
hardy 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3
intrepid 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3
jaunty 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3
karmic 0.4.2-3 0.4.2-3



sudo apt-get install poc-streamer

Quelcom Command line editing tools for MP3 and WAV files

Quelcom provides assorted tools to perform simple editing operations on MP3 and WAV audio files.

These include fading, check-and-clean, informational extraction and lossless cutting and joining without reencoding.

Download Source Package quelcom:

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