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White Dune is a low level VRML97 tool for Unix/Linux

It can read VRML97 files, display and let the user change the scenegraph/fields.
Unlike most highlevel tools, it uses a light model based on the VRML97 standard.

White Dune is not complete yet, especially in the 3D preview window. But even if you do not see the node/field in 3D, you can graphically change the values.

White_dune is a simple NURBS/SuperFormula 3D Modeller, but it do not have tools to change polygon meshes (VRML97 IndexedFaceSet nodes) that can be taken seriously (yet).

VRML97 IndexedFaceSet nodes can be created via conversion from NurbsSurface nodes oder SuperFormula PROTOs or by "pure VRML97" export, but for some tasks you may prefer to work with a polygon mesh 3D modeller with VRML97 export and enhance the results (e.g. color, texture, lightning, animation, interaction....) in white_dune.

White_dune support the VRML97 Inline node, which allows a workflow by using different tools together.

Beside zillions of closed source 3D modellers with VRML97 export, there are free software/opensource 3D modellers with VRML97 (mesh) export:

Depending on hard- and software, white_dune can be a immersive VRML editor with support for stereoscopic view and support for 3D inputdevices.



To install from Sourcecode completely under UNIX/Linux/MacOSX, you need to install the following extra developer tools/SDK/libraries
  • flex/bison compatible tools
  • Mesa (Version "OpenGL 1.2.2" works) or OpenGL (Version 1.1 works) (see "glxinfo")
  • X11 developer SDK/libraries
  • lesstif (version 0.89.4 works) or Motif (Version 1.2.4 works)
    Sometimes configure fails to find the includepath of Motif/lesstif.
    Use "./configure --includedir=/hiding_place_of/Xm/Xm.h"
    Some versions of lesstif cause the ignore of mouseclicks to icons.
    Use "./configure --with-buginlesstif" if in doubt.
  • libglut (optional) (Version 3.7 works)
  • libpng (optional) (Versions 1.0.6 and 1.0.11 works)
  • libjpeg (optional) (Versions 6.2b and libjpeg-6b works)
  • zlib(==libz) (optional) (Versions 1.1.3 works)
  • java (optional) (Version 1.3.1 works)
  • nist.gov x3d translators (optional)
  • libsball if you have a SpaceTec Spaceball (optional).
    This product includes software developed by John E. Stone.

To unpack the .tar.gz archive you can use
gzip -cd whateverfile.tar.gz | tar -xvf - 
Some other archivers (like WinZip for M$Windows) can also unpack .tar.gz Files.

Please read the file INSTALL.

In short: to compile under Unix, run
$ ./configure
$ make
If the compiled version do not care about mouseclicks to icons, you can suspect, you use a problematic version of lesstif/openmotif. Try the following workaround:
$ rm -f configure.cache
$ ./configure --with-buginlesstif
$ make
This is the default in Linux/FreeBSD/MacOSX source rpms.
More informations about available configurationoptions unter Unix/Linux, you can find here

In short, to compile (without texture support) under M$Windows, click to the file nt.bat in the batch subdirectory. Go to the src subdirectory and click the dune.dsw file. Use the build -> build dune.exe menupoint.
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WHITE_DUNE 0.27beta
Micro$oft Windows
with toolbars, field view, channel view and scene tree
3D modelling with SuperShape (special VRML PROTO/script) and NURBS inside white_dune.
dune screenshot
WHITE_DUNE 0.20beta
Barts black&white icons
with toolbars, field view, scene tree, route view and IRIX desktop icons
dune screenshot
with some toolbars, scene tree and color wheel
running on a stereoscopic onewall
screenshot of urwald.wrl
dune screenshot
WHITE_DUNE 0.20beta
Apple MacOSX 10.2 (using X11 for Mac OS X Public Beta)
with Fullscreen icon pressed and MacOSX desktop icons
dune screenshot

WHITE_DUNE 0.27beta
Redhat Linux/Nautilus
with some toolbars, scene tree and zoomed route windows
NURBS handles for 3D modelling are shown
screenshot of nurbsfighter.wrl
dune screenshot
WHITE_DUNE 0.27beta
FreeBSD started with experimental "-anaglyph red_green" options with Fullscreen icon pressed (red/green glasses required)
screenshot of Virtual Egyptian Temple (informations) (informations)
dune screenshot
WHITE_DUNE 0.27beta
SGI IRIX started with experimental "-anaglyph red_blue" options with Fullscreen icon pressed (red/blue glasses required)
screenshot of Temple of Isis at Pompeii (informations)
dune screenshot
WHITE_DUNE 0.29beta
AIX CDE desktop with VRML97 Amendment 1 toolbar, scripted PROTOs toolbar, route window, scene tree window and channel window.
screenshot of fragment.wrl
dune screenshot

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