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Kazam Screencasting tool: the bar just got raised.

Kazam Screencasting tool 0.1 released .

Kazam is fully working, all the way from recording, to exporting to popular video sharing sites.


Kazam currently supports both screen & audio capture and export of final file to YouTube and Videobin. It also makes use of an Indicator Applet.

Although some features shown in the mockups (such as the quality slider and cropping capability) are not yet implemented, I am very proud of what has been and I already find it very useful!

But how can I help?

Now that we have our first release, I need help from all of you! I will have less time to work on Kazam going forward, and whilst I will still maintain it and add new features slowly, I really need for a community to build around it so that I get some help

You don’t need to be a developer to help out, below are some ideas that you could help with:

  • Artistswe need a logo for Kazam. I have no ideas as of yet so please present them to me, maybe file a bug and get a few ideas together!
  • Translators – Kazam has been set up in Launchpad to translate (ping me if it doesn’t work, this is my first time ) and so we need you to translate it into any language that you know!
  • PyGTK Developers – start hacking on the GUI. Maybe you can find some bugs, make things cleaner, more prettier, implement some stuff in the mockups… whatever! You can choose what you want to work on!
  • GStreamer Developers – I really want Kazam to use GStreamer (it is currently using ffmpeg calls) however I have no expertise in this. Any GStreamer knowledge would be greatly appreciated, from porting the recording backend over to Gstreamer, implementing the quality slider/cropping functions in GStreamer. Again you choose what you want to work on!
  • Bug triagersTEST TEST TEST! Kazam has only had the privelledge of me testing it at the moment and so I welcome bugs with open arms so that we can polish Kazam to perfection!
  • Any Developers/Enthusiastic Users – at the moment we have two export sources, for YouTube and VideoBin. However we need more export sources! You don’t need to be a genius to work out how to make one. Use the easy-to-use guide and you can have one working in a very short time!

All in all, I would really appreciate any help you can offer so that we can make Kazam AWESOME!

But how do I get Kazam?

Installing and running Kazam is really easy. Just add our daily builds PPA:


Then update and upgrade your packages and you are done!

You will then find Kazam in Applications > Sound and Video > Kazam Screencaster


Kazam is early in development so do not expect it to be as refined or as stable as other applications on your desktop. That said if you’re keen to try it out anyway then the following PPA is the one you’re after:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:and471/kazam-daily-builds

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kazam

Once installed Kazam can be launched from the ‘Applications > Sound & Video’ sub-menu.

Help Me!

If you have any trouble:

  • File a bug in Launchpad
  • Ping me on irc (and471, on freenode.net)
  • Send me an email through Launchpad
  • Shout really really loud!


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