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FreetuxTV a WebTV player for Ubuntu Linux system.

FreetuxTV is a video player based on LibVLC allowing you to watch and record TV on your PC. A large database (growing daily) of free WebTV/WebRadio/WebCam channels in more than 20 languages is accessible.

You can also play streams from ISP television service if it provides this feature. Moreover, it is also possible to easily program your recording on each channel with differents transcoding formats.
The vlc package provides all multimedia codecs required by freetuxtv.

  • Play channel TV and radio:
    • French ISP: Free, SFR, Orange, Alice, Bouygues…
    • Web TV: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spain
    • Web Radio: English, French, German
  • Play in full screen mode and miniature mode.
  • More than 365 logos of TV channels.
  • Support for keyboard multimedia keys.
  • Add custom groups of channels from M3U playlists.
  • Time shifting.
  • Recording live channels with ability to set duration.
  • Ability to create favorite channels groups.
  • Multi-language interface: English, French, German, Portugese

Available versions


From repositories.

The most simple way to install FreetuxTV is to install it from a repository. By this way, you don't have to take take about dependencies.

From official repositories.
The most easy is to install FreetuxTV from package included in your distribution. However, only a few part of the distribution have included FreetuxTV in their repository.

From non official repositories.
Some non official repositories exists for some distributions. This allow to get more recents versions than official repository.

You can use the PPA (Personal Package Archive) of FreetuxTV team's

PPA Stable (recommended).
This PPA contains packages of the last stable version of FreetuxTV.
(Optional) To Uninstall:
Install ppa-purge via:
sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
Then, run:
sudo ppa-purge ppa:freetuxtv/freetuxtv
sudo ppa-purge ppa:freetuxtv/freetuxtv-dev

PPA Unstable.
This PPA contains daily built packages with the last sources of FreetuxTV. Be careful! These versions may not work correctly.
From software packages.
You can download directly packages without using repository.
Packages are availiable here : http://freetuxtv.eric-beuque.com/packages/.

We are looking for people who can create package for the others Linux distributions.
Note :
FreetuxTV 0.4.0 packages for the Linux distribution "Arch Linux" are availiable here for 32bits: http://repo.x-demon.org/archlinux/os/i686/ and here for 64 bits: http://repo.x-demon.org/archlinux/os/x86_64/
FreetuxTV 0.4.1 packages for the Linux distribution "Pardus" are availiable here for 32bits : http://miroir.pardus-fr.org/2009-depot-fr-test/ and here for 64 bits : http://repo.x-demon.org/archlinux/os/x86_64/

From sources.
Stable version.
Download and compile the sources from the tarball here : http://code.google.com/p/freetuxtv/downloads/list.

Developement version.
FreetuxTV is also avaliable in developement version. You can install and use it without any problems to watch TV or listen radio with the last new features. Have a look at the file README to know how to install it.


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