Ubuntu Design: Media, Pictograms and Illustration.

As much as possible, pictograms and other visual media, such as videos, illustrations and photography, should be sized so that they align with and fit within the grid columns.

You can use pictograms to provide a visual summary of the content of a page or the general theme of a row.

It’s important to use them sparingly, as their overuse can make a page look heavy and unbalanced.

Pictograms can be downloaded from the Ubuntu Design site and should only be used in the Ubuntu Palette Colours.

The official illustrations used in www.ubuntu.com and other Ubuntu sites are commissioned and/or created by Canonical, for use in specific contexts and design material.

Colour is an effective, powerful and instantly recognisable medium for visual communications. To convey the brand personality and brand values, there is a sophisticated colour palette.

We have introduced a palette which includes both a fresh, lively orange, and a rich, mature aubergine. The use of aubergine indicates commercial involvement, while orange is a signal of community engagement.

These colours are used widely in the brand communications, to convey the precise, reliable and free personality.

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