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Ubuntu StartUp Manager, for the bootloader(Grub or Grub2) and boot splash (Usplash or Splashy)

rss_orange1.pngStartUp Manager, or SUM, is a gui tool for changing settings in Grub, Grub2 and Usplash.

SUM should work with recent versions of Debian and Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu.

Obtaing Sum:

Software Author: Jimmy_r
Reconstructor Module Author: TheeMahn
Homepage: Sum
Debian: Sum - Start-up Manager
Rmod for reconstructor: Download Right click save as.
Terminal: Currently availible from our custom repo


StartUp Manager Features


Grub timeout

Default boot title

Number of kernels in bootloader menu

Enable/disable boot option for memtest86

Enable/disable boot option for “rescue mode”

If the default boot option should be automatically updated

Bootup resolution and color depth

Grub menu colors

Grub menu resolution(Grub2 only)

If Splashy should be loaded from initramfs


Rescue floppy

Change visibility of

Grub menu
Grub menu colors
Grub menu background image
Splash screen and boot text

Password protect

Grub menu from editing
“Alternate” boot options
Old boot options



Install/change/remove Grub backgrounds
Install/change/remove Usplash themes
Install/change/remove Splashy themes
Preview Splashy themes

Install StartUp Manager in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install startupmanager

This will complete the installtion

Using StartUp Manager

If you want to open StartUp Manager go to System—>Administration—>Startup-Manager

2008-01-06 Version: 1.9.10
Applied downstream patch for Launchpad Bug #179555 : startupmanager crashed with IndexError in get_default_boot()
Fixed Launchpad Bug #175497: root on (hdx,10) is bad reported in menu.lst for splashimage
Fixed Launchpad Bug #179897: Startup manager w/ splashy crash on debian Lenny
Some translations added. Thanks to the translators involved


StartUp Manager, or SUM, is a gui tool for changing settings in the bootloader and splash screen in ubuntu.

You can add the following repository deb http://repoubuntusoftware.info/ feisty all to your /etc/apt/sources.list
Or you can download the latest version manually

Grub timeout, default boot title, number of kernels in bootloader menu, enable/disable boot option for memtest86, enable/disable boot option for "rescue mode", if the default boot option should be automatically updated, boot up resolution and color depth, grub menu colors and background, and usplash theme.

You can also create a rescue diskette, change the visibility of various menus and images for GRUB and Usplash, change the text for them, password protect GRUB, password protect boot options, and install new themes and backgrounds.

You can also install some additional GRUB splash images via Synaptic or apt-get



It seems that people have problems with some splash themes


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