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Installing qBittorent 1.0.0 in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

The qBittorrent project was created in March 2006 with the idea of developping a new Bittorrent client for Linux (and possibly other systems) that would be easy to use, good looking, featureful but lightweight.

qBittorrent is a Free Software released under the GNU GPL license.

The author is Christophe Dumez, a French student in an engineer school (UTBM), in IT departement.

qBittorrent is based on the great Libtorrent by Arvid Norberg.


Bittorrent features

qBittorrent can now be considered as a good alternative to other bittorrent clients. It provides a lot of features such as:

  • A polished Graphical User Interface written with Qt4 toolkit
  • UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding support
  • Encryption support (compatible with Azureus)
  • Multiple simultaneous downloads / uploads
  • Download from RSS streams
  • An integrated search engine
  • DHT (trackerless) support
  • uTorrent Peer eXchange support (PeX)
  • Directory scanning with automated download of torrents inside
  • Good internationalization (~25 languages supported)
  • Selective download of files in a torrent
  • Media File previewing while downloading
  • Torrent trackers edition and prioritizing
  • Seeders / Leechers displayed in download list
  • Styles support
  • Files prioritizing in a torrent
  • Torrent download in correct order
  • System tray integration
  • Tracker authentication support
  • Unicode support
  • Torrent downloading directly from their url
  • Connection though a proxy
  • IP Filtering similar to the one in eMule
Ubuntu packages (i386 & amd64)

We packaged qBittorrent and libtorrent for Ubuntu for easy install. Please add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list if you are using Ubuntu Gutsy (v7.10 - stable):

For i386:
deb http://hydr0g3n.free.fr/qbittorrent/gutsy/ ./
deb-src http://hydr0g3n.free.fr/qbittorrent/gutsy/ ./

For amd64 (maintained by Attila Olah):
deb http://hydr0g3n.free.fr/qbittorrent/gutsy-amd64/ ./

Please add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list if you are using Ubuntu Hardy (v8.04 - unstable):

For i386:
deb http://hydr0g3n.free.fr/qbittorrent/hardy/ ./
deb-src http://hydr0g3n.free.fr/qbittorrent/hardy/ ./

Packages are signed, please enter the following command to get my public key :

gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys A08A9A43

Then, you can install qBittorrent using your favourite package manager (synaptic, adept...) or you can type this in a console:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install qbittorrent

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November 3rd 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0rc7 released

We are releasing the seventh release candidate for qBittorrent v1.0.0. It fixes some problems, especially when using a recent libtorrent svn snapshot. It is now advised that you update to the latest libtorrent available since it fixes a lot of bugs that were reported.

Also, please note that Jeffery Fernandez finished packaging qBittorrent for OpenSuse (10.2 and 10.3) for 32bits and 64bits.

rc6->rc7 changelog:

  • BUGFIX: Catching DHT exception in case there is a problem
  • BUGFIX: Removed build dependency on Python
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug in children update when changing files priorities
  • BUGFIX: Pause/Start All now affect all tabs, not only the current one
  • BUGFIX: Don't reload all torrents everytime settings are saved
  • BUGFIX: Don't reload seeding torrents anymore (no point)
  • I18N: Updated Turkish translation

October 19th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0rc6 released

We got a lot of feedback this week. We would like to thank all the people who tested qBittorrent and helped us make qBittorrent more stable. It is strongly advised to update to latest libtorrent too.

rc5->rc6 changelog:

  • FEATURE: Added a button to clear search pattern
  • BUGFIX: configure looks for libraries in lib64 folders too
  • BUGFIX: configure doesn't require paths with a terminal "/" anymore
  • BUGFIX: Fixed minimize to tray feature
  • BUGFIX: Fixed folders progress calculation in torrent properties
  • BUGFIX: Fixed deletion of subfolders when deleting torrents from hard drive
  • BUGFIX: Remember scan directory in program preferences now
  • BUGFIX: Fixed ETA display (sometimes displayed <>
  • I18N: Fixed swedish, French, Spanish translations

October 13th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0rc5 released

We got quite a lot of feedback after rc4 release. Thanks to this, we are now releasing rc5 that fixes the bugs that were reported and brings a new feature too: filtered files do not appear on hard drive anymore.

Please update your libtorrent to r1672 or it won't compile.

rc4->rc5 changelog:

  • BUGFIX: Now filtered don't appear on hard drive anymore (libtorrent >= r1659)
  • BUGFIX: AddInPause setting doesn't pause downloads on startup anymore
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an ETA calculation problem when the torrent has filtered files
  • BUGFIX: Fixed possible overflow in ETA calculation
  • BUGFIX: Fixed "Missing Input path" error when creating a torrent
  • BUGFIX: Fixed some notification messages for torrent addition dialog
  • BUGFIX: Fixed "Automatically start seeding" feature in torrent creation tool
  • COSMETIC: Improved progress bar text rendering

October 6th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0rc4 released

We just released rc4 today. We fixed some bugs and we made some optimizations. We also packaged a new svn snapshot for Libtorrent v0.13, as it is getting more and more stable. Debian/Ubuntu/Mandriva Packages will be updated soon.

rc3->rc4 changelog:

  • BUGFIX: Fixed ip filter preferences (couldn't enable it)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed compilation problems on FreeBSD (Ok now)
  • BUGFIX: Updated INSTALL file
  • BUGFIX: Optimized torrent real size calculation
  • BUGFIX: Use system default style as a default (instead of Plastique style)

September 30th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0rc3 released

We released today the third release candidate for qBittorrent v1.0.0. This release fixes downloads problems some users were experiencing, Please update to this release candidate. Packages will be updated tonight.

This version is the one competing for "Les Trophées du Libre", that is starting tomorrow.

rc2->rc3 changelog

  • BUGFIX: Fixed a proxy problem causing connections to be rejected by trackers
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a compilation problem on FreeBSD

September 27th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0rc2 released

Here the second release candidate for qBittorrent v1.0.0. Mandriva 2008, Ubuntu Gutsy and Debian testing/unstable packages are up to date. Please test them and report any problem you may experience.

rc1->rc2 changelog:

  • BUGFIX: Fixed search engine plugins update
  • BUGFIX: Fixed mininova search engine plugin
  • BUGFIX: Fixed infoBar text when adding a torrent
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a unsupported character in man page
  • I18N: Updated Italian and Korean translations

September 25th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0rc1 released

We decided to release today a first release candidate for qBittorrent v1.0.0.

There are very little difference since beta7. However, we disabled debug as a default and we will package this release candidate for Ubuntu/Debian/Mandriva. Also, documentation (French + English) is now up to date here.

beta7 to rc1 changelog:

  • BUGFIX: Fixed overflow in ratio calculation
  • BUGFIX: Added -DNDEBUG flag to fix compilation with libtorrent svn
  • BUGFIX: Added a -DQT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT flag in debug mode to fix a bug in Qt4.3.x
  • I18N: Updated most translations
  • COSMETIC: foreground text now uses style's foreground color instead of hard-coded black.

September 19th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0beta7 released

This new beta includes all the features that can be expected in final v1.0.0. qBittorrent is now in feature-freeze mode: only bug fixes and translations updates will be made until final release.

Since we added a lot of new features in this beta, it is important that you test it and report any problem you may experience with it. Please help us make qBittorrent v1.0.0 as stable as possible.

Also note that it is important to update your libtorrent or qBittorrent won't compile (r1578)

beta6 to beta7 changelog:

  • FEATURE: Made search engine plugin install more reliable
  • FEATURE: Allow to drag'n drop plugin to list for install/update
  • FEATURE: Added some search plugins to http://plugins.qbittorrent.org
  • FEATURE: Added zip support in search plugins manager (can put .py & .png inside)
  • FEATURE: Redesigned torrent creation dialog
  • FEATURE: Allow to set piece size when creating a torrent
  • FEATURE: Added an option to force full disk allocation for all torrents
  • FEATURE: Added an option to add torrents in paused state
  • FEATURE: Allow to disable UPnP/NAT-PMP/LSD
  • FEATURE: Added an option to set the max number of connections per torrent
  • FEATURE: Added an option to set the max number of uploads per torrent
  • FEATURE: Added an option to automatically delete torrents when they reach a given ratio (>= 1.0)
  • FEATURE: Added an option to display current transfer speeds in title bar
  • FEATURE: Added "Mark all as read" function for RSS feeds
  • FEATURE: Added some RSS settings in program preferences
  • FEATURE: Display RSS article date and author if available
  • FEATURE: Articles in a RSS feed are now ordered by date (newer at the top)
  • FEATURE: Read articles in a feed are not resetted when the feed is refreshed anymore
  • FEATURE: Allow to install plugins from their url
  • FEATURE: torrent content is now displayed as a tree
  • BUGFIX: In torrent content, it is now easier to filter all torrents using right click menu
  • BUGFIX: Updated man page / README / INSTALL
  • BUGFIX: Paused torrents could be displayed as connected for a sec after checking
  • BUGFIX: 'Unknown' is now displayed in search results columns where value is -1
  • BUGFIX: Improved search engine core a little
  • BUGFIX: Forgot to remove *.pyc files when uninstalling a search plugin
  • BUGFIX: Fixed drag'n drop on non-KDE systems
  • BUGFIX: Fixed log context menu position
  • BUGFIX: Made pause/resume all function affect both (dl/up) tabs when window is hidden
  • BUGFIX: Fixed torrent create (can only one file or one folder)
  • BUGFIX: the function that set the rows color doesn't handle hidden columns anymore
  • BUGFIX: improved search engine plugin manager code and fixed bugs
  • BUGFIX: Dropped Qt4.2 support, becomes too difficult to maintain
  • BUGFIX: Fixed deprecation warning with latest libtorrent svn
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an overflow causing ETA to become negative sometimes (hitted an assert)
  • COSMETIC: Improved some icons
  • COSMETIC: Totally redesigned program preferences
  • COSMETIC: Improved systray tooltip style

September 1st 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0beta6 released

This new beta release adds a feature that many users have been waiting for: a search engine plugin management system. This means that now, users can write their own plugins (see wiki for more infos) for their favorite search engines. This feature was planned for v1.1.0 but I finished it early and I couldn't wait. Search engine plugins was also improved to get more results thanks to multipage support.

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This beta also fixes all the bugs that were reported (thank you to the bug reporters), some translations updates and a big code clean up / optimization.

beta5 to beta6 changelog:

  • FEATURE: Split download tab from GUI class and cleaned up code
  • FEATURE: A lot of code optimization (CPU & memory usage)
  • FEATURE: Added support for .ico format (useful for RSS favicons)
  • FEATURE: Replaced Meganova search engine by TorrentReactor
  • FEATURE: Brand new search engine plugins system
  • FEATURE: Added btjunkie search plugin (with multipage support)
  • FEATURE: Search engine, added multipage support for mininova search plugin
  • I18N: Updated Greek, Dutch and Romanian translation
  • I18N: Removed no longer maintained Traditional chinese translation
  • BUGFIX: Made torrent deletion from hard-drive safer
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when switching from finished to downloading list
  • BUGFIX: Showing checking progress for paused torrents too
  • BUGFIX: Fixed progress column sorting on startup
  • BUGFIX: Prevent downloadFromUrl flooding
  • BUGFIX: Fixed pause state toggle for paused and checking torrents
  • BUGFIX: Made finished list context menu more similar to the download list one
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Pause/Start action in lists context menus
  • BUGFIX: Improved ETA calculation
  • BUGFIX: ETA was wrong for torrents with filtered files
  • BUGFIX: Display the torrent that are being checked as 'checking' in seeding list
  • BUGFIX: Fixed file preview and improved previewable files detection
  • BUGFIX: Do not store and calculate ETA values for finished/paused torrents
  • BUGFIX: Fixed memory leak in GUI

August 22nd 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0beta5 released

This version includes a lot of bugfixes but also some new features like Bittorrent FAST extension support. A lot of translations were updated too and I cleaned up the code.

We also made a new svn snapshot of the libtorrent. It is necessary to install this one : qBittorrent won't compile with earlier svn snapshots. This version of libtorrent have some new features (integrated in qBittorrent) and also fixes all the segfaults that I was experiencing with older revisions and that I reported.

beta4->beta5 changelog:

  • FEATURE: Supports Bittorrent FAST extension
  • FEATURE: Improved code handling torrents that have just finished checking
  • FEATURE: Improved progress column sorting code
  • FEATURE: Allow to remove url seeds, even hard-coded ones
  • FEATURE: Improved code for handling of finished torrents
  • FEATURE: Optimized download list refreshing a little
  • FEATURE: Big code cleanup
  • BUGFIX: Wait for torrent_paused_alert before saving fast resume data on exit
  • BUGFIX: Wait for torrent_paused_alert before reloading a torrent for full allocation mode
  • BUFFIG: Fixed overflow causing ratio data to be negative
  • BUGFIX: Fixed progress column delayed sorting (after torrent finished checking)
  • BUGFIX: Finished torrents were still displayed as checking when paused by libtorrent on full disk (hitted an assert)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed the way icons are installed to avoid problems on some systems
  • BUGFIX: Fixed qBittorrent version in .desktop file
  • BUGFIX: Fixed session ratio value (was either 10. or 1.)
  • BUGFIX: Improved incremental download
  • BUGFIX: Fixed preview from seeding list
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Alt+3 and Ctrl+F keyboard shortcuts for third tab
  • BUGFIX: Improved unicode support
  • BUGFIX: Add torrents in pause before applying settings to avoid race conditions
  • BUGFIX: Speed limit per torrent should be working now (libtorrent fix)
  • I18N: Updated Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, German, Russian, Korean and Spanish translations
  • COSMETIC: Improved the way progress bars are rendered

August 7th 2007 - New libtorrent svn snapshot

It is strongly advised that you update your libtorrent using the latest one in download page if you are using qBittorrent v1.0.0beta.

Indeed, some critical bugs have been fixed and it should be a lot more stable.

August 4th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0beta4

The beta4 of qBittorrent v1.0.0 is out. No new features but a lot of bug fixes and RSS code was mainly rewritten.

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A lot of you couldn't compile beta3 because of an error when using boost 1.33.1, this is fixed: I apologize for this.

Please note that there are still some known bugs in libtorrent svn that cause qBittorrent to crash sometimes. Libtorrent'author is working on fixing them, so please keep your libtorrent up to date.

Also, please note that qBittorrent documentation was completed and it is available on the wiki (in French and English). We are still looking for people in order to help us with the project (windows porting, translation, development...), please contact me if you are interested.

Here is the changelog from beta3 to beta4:

  • BUGFIX: RSS code totally rewritten (Many bugs fixed, improved usability, optimized cpu and memory usage)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a compiling error when using boost 1.33.1
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a memory leak in deleteThread
  • BUGFIX: Fixed scrolling problems in about dialog
  • BUGFIX: Fixed ambiguous hotkey (Alt+O) for Options
  • BUGFIX: Fixed columns width problems in transfers lists due to hidden columns with non null size
  • BUGFIX: The deleteThread now check if the path exists before trying to delete it
  • BUGFIX: Finished list was refreshed even when main window was hidden (Hitted an assert)
  • BUGFIX: Some fixes in bandwidth limiting per torrent
  • I18N: Updated Chinese, Hungarian and Italian translations
  • COSMETIC: Added our new baby mascot ("Draqoo") to About dialog

August 1st 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0beta3

Here comes the beta3 of qBittorrent v1.0.0. We would like to thank all the people who tested the previous betas and reported bugs or requested for new features/improvements.

Please test beta3 and report any problem you may experience here. There will be a beta4 and we are hoping it will run on windows (I'm working on it but it is not quite ready yet :) ).

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Also, please do not forget to update your libtorrent as it is still svn and bugs are fixed every day. Keep it up to date: there are still some known bugs in it but they are likely to be fixed soon.

Here are the changes between beta2 and beta3:

  • FEATURE: Allow to pause torrents in finished torrents list
  • FEATURE: Completely reread the code to improve/clean/fix it
  • FEATURE: Use pkgconfig for GNU common c++ and made error message more understandable if it is missing
  • FEATURE: More files extensions are recognized as previewable media
  • FEATURE: Url seeds are now displayed in torrent properties and are editable
  • FEATURE: Added alerts when fast resuming failed
  • FEATURE: Improved Mininova search engine support a little
  • FEATURE: Search plugin update improvement
  • I18N: Updated some translations
  • BUGFIX: UPnP/NAT-PMP/LSD are now really enabled
  • BUGFIX: Fixed columns width in finished list
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a problem causing paused torrents to be displayed as checking forever
  • BUGFIX: Added a workaround to build on Fedora 7
  • BUGFIX: The number of search results was not reset when clicking on 'Clear' button
  • BUGFIX: Fixed removing from finished list
  • BUGFIX: Fixed all the bugs that were reported in beta2
  • COSMETIC: Improved transfers lists renderers
  • COSMETIC: Paused torrents that are checking are now displayed as paused (not checking)

Happy testing!

July 23rd 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0beta2

Here comes the beta2 of qBittorrent v1.0.0. We would like to thank all the people who tested beta1 and reported bugs or requested for new features/improvements. Thanks to them (and our hard work too :p), beta2 is more stable and it brings along a lot of new stuff.

Please test beta2 and report any problem you may experience here. There will be a beta3 and we are hoping it will run on windows (I'm working on it but it is not quite ready yet :) ).

Here are the changes between beta1 and beta2:

  • Totally rewritten the class handling downloads from urls to make it lighter, more efficient and more stable. We are not using GNU Common C++ instead of libcurl.
  • Improved RSS tab
  • Added a ratio column in transfer list (real ratio, not session ratio)
  • A search request can now be terminated by another
  • Fixes and improvements on bandwidth limitation per torrent
  • Popup menu to set priorities for multiple files at once
  • Added a lot of keyboard shortcuts (see wiki)
  • qBittorrent is not exiting anymore when Main window is hidden and a dialog is closed
  • Allow to set global upload/download bandwidth limit from tray icon menu
  • Fixed a bug with paused torrents still displayed as checking
  • Peers blocked by ip filter are now logged in the correct box
  • Fixed file filtering/prioritizing in a torrent
  • Added hungarian translation
  • Improved IPv6 support (needs testing)
  • Fixed a crash when filtering all the files in a torrent
  • Fixed all the bugs that were reported in beta1

Happy testing!

July 5th 2007 - qBittorrent v1.0.0beta1

We decided to release a first beta of qBittorrent v1.0.0 to get public testing before final release. As you may guess, v1.0.0 is a major release, with a lot of new features and code rewriting. This is why we want it to be tested as much as possible before hitting stable. This version is already pretty stable so it shouldn't be too risky to test it. As always, it shouldn't be used in production because this is still in beta stage.

Among the new features, we can announce UPnP/NAT-PMP support, RSS Feeds, encryption (compatible with Azureus), files prioritizing in a torrent, a new tab for finished torrents (to make seeding easier), ability to edit torrents' trackers, styles support (better Gnome integration with Cleanlooks), an improved torrent creation module, search engine is now multi-threaded for faster results, bandwidth limiting per torrent, better proxy support, IPs blocked by ipfilter are now logged in GUI. We also fixed almost all the bugs that were reported and the GUI was redesigned a little.

Since it is still a beta, new features are likely to be introduced before final release too.

Happy testing!

June 20th 2007 - Some news

We are proud to welcome a new member in qBittorrent team : Jarek Smieja. He is our new Mandriva packager. Packages for Mandriva Spring 2007.1 are now available!

We would like to thank the guys at TooLinux who accepted to put qBittorrent banner on their first page, for a week. This is a great website, I recommend it to you if you are a french-speaking person.

I will have exams next week, hence I apologize if I'm less available and if qbittorrent development is slower until early july. A first beta of qBittorrent v1.0.0 should be available in early July too.

June 13h 2007 - Documentation

We started to write some documentation on qBittorrent wiki. At the moment, you will already find a qBittorrent/libtorrent svn compiling howto (in English and French).

More documentation should arrive before v1.0.0 release and it will be translated in French too.

People are asking for documentation, so we will write it.

June 12th 2007 - Mirror in China?

qBittorrent project is looking for a free webspace (20-30MB) in China to mirror its Debian/Ubuntu packages.

Unfortunately, our main server is blocked in China, which is sad because qBittorrent is translated into Chinese.

If you can provide us with this kind of webspace, please contact me at chris(at)qbittorrent(dot)org. We would be really gratefull.

June 10th 2007 - Exams...

Just a short news to tell you that qBittorrent development will resume in July. Recently I couldn't find time to code qBittorrent because of school projects and now I must prepare for the exams.

Soon I'll have two months of holidays and you can expect new stuff in qBittorrent and probably the v1.0.

May 7th 2007 - qBittorrent v0.9.3 released

We have just released qBittorrent v0.9.3. As you can guess from the version number, this is a bugfix release. Here is the changelog:

  • BUGFIX: Fixed pause toggle on double-click in download list
  • BUGFIX: The torrent size displayed now only takes unfiltered files into account
  • BUGFIX: Fixed compiling errors with libtorrent svn (future v0.13 with UPnP enabled)
  • BUGFIX: Remember sorted column in download list on restart
  • BUGFIX: Small fix in the german translation
  • BUGFIX: Some fixes in slovak translation

Debian / Ubuntu packages are already up to date.

May 4th 2007 - Libtorrent v0.12 released

Libtorrent v0.12 by Arvid Norberg was just released stable. Please update your libtorrent to get the latest bug fixes. Debian / Ubuntu packages for libtorrent are up to date.

A bugfix release of qBittorrent (v0.9.3) is probably going to be released soon to fix the reported bugs.

April 24th 2007 - Holidays

I will spend my holidays abroad and I won't have access to the internet for a week.

Hence, I will make a short break in qbittorrent development and I won't be able to answer my e-mails nor take care of the bug tracker this week.

See you soon.

April 10th 2007 - qBittorrent v0.9.2 released

We have just released v0.9.2 of qBittorrent that fixes some minor bugs. More than that, it will compile with libtorrent v0.11 although v0.12 is still advised. Also, A new language is supported : Japanese.

We also updated libtorrent source and packages to v0.12rc2+svn.20070410 that fixes some bugs too.

qBittorrent is now supporting 24 languages and it is getting even more stable than before.

Debian / Ubuntu repositories are already up to date.

April 9th 2007 - qBittorrent in launchpad

We decided to add qBittorrent to Launchpad by Canonical.

At first, we are going to use it as a bug tracker (Bug reports, Feature requests, Q&A...), and as a Roadmap / TODO list. We may also use its translation interface(rosetta) in the future.

April 4th 2007 - qBittorrent v0.9.1 released

We decided to make a small minor release due to some problems experienced by the users concerning the configure file. The configure has been greatly improved and it should be a bit easier to compile qBittorrent.

There are no other changes in the application, no need to update if you managed to install v0.9.0.

April 1st 2007 - qBittorrent v0.9.0 released

qBittorrent project is proud to announce the release of a new stable version of our bittorrent client : v0.9.0. qBittorrent project is proud to announce the release of a new stable version of our bittorrent client : v0.9.0.

This release includes a lot of interesting new features such as Peer Exchange (PeX) support, autocompletion, new system tray popups, better internationalization, a lot of code rewriting (optimized and cleaned). It is also based on latest libtorrent library by Arvid Norberg (v0.12) and latest Qt 4.2 for Graphical User Interface.

We also fixed a lot of bugs to make qBittorrent as stable and as reliable as possible. We are really thankful to the people who gave us feedback and helped use improve qBittorrent.

We really hope that you will enjoy this new release and that you will keep on supporting the qBittorrent project. Also, we already progressed a lot on v0.10.0alpha and you can expect UPnP Port Forwarding, RSS Feeds and Visual Styles supports soon.

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