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This section summarizes the changes between VirtualBox versions

This section summarizes the changes between VirtualBox versions. Note that this is
not a detailed changelog and not all changes are listed. VirtualBox version numbers
consist of three numbers separated by dots where the first number represents the
major version, the 2nd number the minor version and the 3rd one the build number.
Build numbers of official releases are always even. An odd build number represents
an internal development or test build.

800 Image_Holiday

Version 1.4.0 (2007-06-06)
• General: added support for OS X hosts
• General: added support for AMD64 hosts
• General: signed all executables and device drivers on Windows
• GUI: added user interface for Shared Folders
• GUI: added context menu for network adapters
• GUI: added VM description field for taking notes
• GUI: always restore guest mouse pointer when entering VM window (Windows
• GUI: added configuration options for clipboard synchronization
• GUI: improved keyboard handling on Linux hosts
• GUI: added first run wizard
• GUI: improved boot device order dialog
• GUI: auto-resize did not work after save/restore
• GUI: restore original window size when returning from fullscreen mode
• GUI: fixed screen update when switching to fullscreen mode
• GUI: the size of the VM window was sometimes resetted to 640x480
• GUI: added localizations
• GUI: various minor improvements
• VBoxManage: added convertdd command
• API: automatically start and terminate VBoxSVC on Linux and OS X hosts
• VMM: increased startup performance due to lazy memory allocation
• VMM: significantly increased maximum guest memory size
• VMM: fixed issues with V86 mode
• VMM: support V86 extensions (VME)
• VMM: support guests with a full GDT
• VMM: fixed boot hangs for some Linux kernels
• VMM: improved FreeBSD and OpenBSD support
• VMM: improved performance of guests that aggressively patch kernel code (very
recent Linux 2.6 kernels)
• VMM: added workaround for a design aw in AMD AM2 CPUs where the times-
tamp counter shows large differences among CPU cores
• VMM: fixed Linux guests with grsecurity
• VMM: fixed issue on 2G/2G Linux kernels (even 1G/3G kernels should work)
• VMM: fixed Linux detection of Local APIC on non-Intel and non-AMD CPUs
• VMM: timing improvements with high host system loads (VM starvation)
• VMM: experimental AMD SVM hardware virtualization support now also handles
real and protected mode without paging
• VMM: added system time offset parameter to allow for VMs to run in the past or
• VMM: provide an MPS 1.4 table if the IOAPIC is enabled
• RDP: allow binding the RDP server to a specific interface
• RDP: added support for clipboard synchronization
• RDP: fixed problems with OS X RDP client
• RDP: added support for multiple simultaneous connections to one VM
• RDP: added support for MS RDP6 clients (Vista)
• Storage: experimental support for VMDK images (writethrough mode only, no
snapshots yet)
• Storage: raw host disk support, including individual partitions
• IDE: improve CHS geometry detection
• IDE: fixed problem that only one VM could open an immutable image
• NAT: allow more than one card configured for NAT networking
• NAT: pass first entry in DNS search list (Linux host) or primary DNS suffix (Win-
dows host) as domain name in DHCP
• NAT: support UDP broadcasts, which enables using Windows shares
• NAT: only warn if the name server could not be determined, no fatal error any-
• NAT: fix a potential problem with incorrect memory allocation
• Internal Networking: fixed issue on Windows hosts
• Host Interface Networking: fixed sporadic crashes on interface creation/destruction
(Windows host)
• Host Interface Networking: reworked TAP handling for Linux 2.6.18+ compati-
• PXE: show error for unsupported V86 case
• PXE: small fix for parsing PXE menu entry without boot server IP
• Network: fixed network card hang after save/restore
• USB: Rewrote Windows USB handling without the need for a filter driver
• USB: Possible to steal arbitrary devices in Windows
• Serial: added serial ports with support for named pipes (local domain sockets)
on the host
• Audio: fixed problem with ALSA on Linux before 2.6.18 blocking other ALSA
clients on the system
• Audio: fixed problem with ALSA on AMD64 hosts
• Input: fixed PS/2 mouse detection in Win 3.x guests
• Shared Folders: fixed VM save/restore behaviour
• Shared Folders: functionality and stability fixes
• Shared Folders: allow non admin users to map folders
• Additions: added clipboard synchronization
• Windows Additions: fixed dynamic resolution changes after save/restore
• Windows Additions: added AMD PCNet driver for Windows Vista guests (with
kind permission from AMD)
• Linux Additions: fixed a dependency problem which caused the vboxadd kernel
module sometimes start after the X server
• Linux Additions: make VBox version visible in Linux modules with modinfo
• Linux Additions: make X11 guest video driver accept arbitrary X resolutions
• Linux Additions: make X11 setup work if /tmp uses a separate file system
• Linux Additions: better support unknown distributions
• Linux Installer: force a non-executable stack for all binaries and shared libraries
• Linux Installer: make it work on SELinux-enabled systems
• Linux Installer: ship VBoxTunctl
Version 1.3.8 (2007-03-14)
• Windows installer: fixed installation problem if UAC is active
• Linux installer: added RPM for rhel4 and Mandriva 2007.1
• Linux installer: remove any old vboxdrv modules in /lib/modules/*/misc
• Linux installer: many small improvements for .deb and .rpm packages
• Linux installer: improved setup of kernel module
• GUI: Host-Fn sends Ctrl-Alt-Fn to the guest (Linux guest VT switch)
• GUI: fixed setting for Internal Networking
• GUI: show correct audio backend on Windows (dsound)
• GUI: improved error messages if the kernel module is not accessible
• GUI: never fail to start the GUI if the kernel module is not accessible
• VMM: fixed occasional crashes when shutting down Windows TAP device
• VMM: fixed issues with IBM’s 1.4.2 JVM in Linux guests
• RDP: fixed color encoding with 24bpp
• BIOS: zero main memory on reboot
• BIOS: added release logging
• USB: fixed parsing of certain devices to prevent VBoxSVC crashes
• USB: properly wakeup suspended ports
• USB: fixed a problem with unplugged USB devices during suspend
• Audio: fixed crashes on Vista hosts
• NAT: allow configuration of incoming connections (aka port mapping)
• Network: hard reset network device on reboot
• iSCSI: fixed a hang of unpaused VMs accessing unresponsive iSCSI disks
• Linux Additions: support Xorg 7.2.x
• Linux Additions: fixed default video mode if all other modes are invalid
• Linux Additions: set default DPI to 100,100
• Linux Additions: fixed initialization of video driver on X server reset

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Version 1.3.6 (2007-02-20)
• Windows installer: perform installation for all users instead of just the current
user (old behavior still available)
• Linux installer: fixed license display to not block installation
• Linux installer: added RPM for openSUSE 10.2
• GUI: fixed problems with several keyboard layouts on Linux hosts
• GUI: added online help on Linux hosts (using kchmviewer)
• GUI: fixed handle leak on Windows hosts
• Graphics: increased VRAM limit to 128MB
• BIOS: fixed CD/DVD -ROM detection in Windows Vista guests
• VMM: fixed incompatibility with OpenBSD 4.0
• VDI: fixed issues with snapshot merging
• Network: fixed incompatibility between Vista UAC and Host Interface Network-
• Network: fixed issues with Windows NT 4.0 guests
• Audio: fixed problem with ALSA on Linux before 2.6.18 causing system reboots
• RDP: added support for MS RDP 6.0 clients
• RDP: fixed issue with PAM authentication on certain distributions
• RDP: fixed sporadic disconnects with MS RDP clients
• iSCSI: improved behavior when pausing a VM with iSCSI connections
• iSCSI: improved read timeout handling
12.4 Version 1.3.4 (2007-02-12)
• General: fixed unresolved symbol issue on Windows 2000 hosts
• General: added warnings at VirtualBox startup when there is no valid Linux
kernel module
• General: fixed problem with unrecognized host CDROM/DVD drives on Linux
• General: fixed compatibility issue with SELinux
• GUI: improved USB user interface, easier filter definitions, menu to directly at-
tach specific devices
• GUI: added VM settings options for VRDP
• GUI: fixed GDI handle leak on Windows hosts
• GUI: worked around issue in the Metacity window manager (GNOME) leading
to unmovable VM windows
• GUI: show an information dialog before entering fullscreen mode about how to
get back
• GUI: several fixes and improvements
• VMM: fixed occasional crashes when shutting down a Windows guest
• VMM: fixed crash while loading Xorg on openSUSE 10.2
• VMM: fixed problems with OpenBSD 3.9 and 4.0
• VMM: fixed crash while loading XFree86 in SUSE 9.1
• VMM: fixed Debian 3.1 (Sarge) installation problem (network failure)
• VMM: fixed crash during SUSE 10.2 installation
• VMM: fixed crash during Ubuntu 7.04 RC boot
• VMM: fixed crash during ThinClientOS (Linux 2.4.33) bootup
• ATA/IDE: pause VM when host disk is full and display message
• ATA/IDE: fixed incompatibility with OpenSolaris 10
• VDI containers: do not allocate blocks when guest only writes zeros to it (size
optimization when zeroing freespace prior to compacting)
• CDROM/DVD: fixed media recognition by Linux guests
• Network: corrected reporting of physical interfaces (fixes Linux guest warnings)
• Network: fixed IRQ con ict causing occassional major slowdowns with XP guests
• Network: significantly improved send performance
• Audio: added mixer support to the AC’97 codec (master volume only)
• Audio: added support for ALSA on Linux (native, no OSS emulation)
• iSCSI: improved LUN handling
• iSCSI: fixed hang due to packet over ow
• iSCSI: pause VM on iSCSI connection loss
• Linux module: never fail unloading the module (blocks Ubuntu/Debian unin-
• Linux module: improved compatibility with NMI watchdog enabled
• Windows Additions: fixed hardware mouse pointer with Windows 2003 Server
• Linux Additions: compile everything from sources instead of using precompiled
• Linux Additions: better compatibility with older glibc versions
• Linux Additions: when uninstalling, only delete the files we put there during
installation, don’t remove the directory recursively to prevent unwanted data
• Linux Installer: added support for Slackware
• Linux Additions: added support for Linux 2.4.28 to 2.4.34
• RDP: fixed sporadic disconnects with MS RDP clients
• RDP: fixed race condition during resolution resize leading to rare crashes
222 CleanGreen-728x90-trans.jpg
Version 1.3.2 (2007-01-15)
• General: added experimental support for Windows Vista as a host
• General: added support for Windows Vista as a guest
• GUI: numerous improvements including a redesigned media manager
• BIOS: added DMI information for recent Linux kernels
• VMM: experimental support for AMD SVM hardware virtualization extensions
• VMM: significant performance improvements for Linux 2.6 guests
• VMM: performance improvements for Windows guests
• Network: fixed issues with DOS guests
• Network: fixed creation of more than one host interface during process lifetime
on Windows
• VBoxManage: added support for compacting VDI files (requires zeroing
freespace in the guest)
• API: startup even when a VM configuration file is inaccessible or corrupted
• API: faster startup using lazy media access checking
• Linux Additions: fixed several installation issues and added better error checks
• Linux Additions: added support for X.org 7.1
• Installer: added packages for Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft), Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper
Drake) and Debian 4.0 (Etch)
AsteClick - iPod Shuffle 2Gb
Version 1.2.4 (2006-11-16)
Several bug fixes that accidentially didn’t make it into 1.2.2
12.7 Version 1.2.2 (2006-11-14)
Note: Guest Additions have to be updated for the enhanced VRDP features to work.
• Linux Additions: improved compatibility with Red Hat distributions
• Linux Additions: enhanced display performance, solved several issues
• Linux Additions: added color pointer support
• Linux Additions: added support for X.org 7.x
• VMM: fixed sporadic mouse reset problem
• VMM: fixed several issues with Linux guests
• VMM: significant performance improvements for Linux 2.6 guests
• VMM: significant general performance improvements
• VMM: fixed sporadic reboot problems (logo hang)
• VMM: added support for Intel VT-x (aka Vanderpool)
• VMM: experimental support for IBM OS/2 Warp (requires VT-x to be enabled)
• USB: added support for isochronous transfers (webcams, audio, etc.)
• USB: fixed problem with devices not showing up after a guest reboot
• USB: fixed several issues
• BIOS: fixed use of fourth boot device
• BIOS: added boot menu support
• BIOS: added support for disks up to 2 Terabytes
• VRDP: significantly enhanced performance and reduced bandwidth usage
through new acceleration architecture
• VBoxManage: added support for capturing network traffic
• GUI: added fullscreen mode
• GUI: fixed several problems
12.8 Version 1.1.12 (2006-11-14)
• Additions: enabled more display modes for X.org 7.x
• VMM: stability improvements
• VMM: resolved excessive performance degradation caused by Symantec An-
• iSCSI: fixed memory corruption issue
• VBoxSDL: made hostkey configurable
• VRDP: report error in case binding to the port fails
• VRDP: added mouse wheel support
• NAT: significant performance improvements
• Network: stability fixes
• Network: significant performance improvements
• ACPI: improved host power status reporting
• PXE: added support for Microsoft RIS / ProxyDHCP
• PXE: fixed several issues, added diagnostic messages
12.9 Version 1.1.10 (2006-07-28)
• IDE: added workaround for Acronis TrueImage (violates IDE specification)
• IDE: resolved issues with certain Linux guests
• ACPI: further improved host power status reporting
• API: fixed several race conditions and improved reliability
• API: increased maximum guest RAM size to 2GB (Linux host) and 1.2GB (Win-
dows host)
• USB: added option to set the OHCI timer rate
• VMM: fixed several issues
• VRDP: fixed infinite resize loop
• GUI: changed the default host key to Right Control

adserver 750x100
Version 1.1.8 (2006-07-17)
• IDE: new ATA implementation with improved performance, reliability and better
standards compliance
• IDE: added experimental support for ATAPI passthrough (to use CD/DVD burners
inside VMs)
• VMM: fixed user mode IOPL handling (hwclock failure)
• VMM: fixed crashes upon termination in Linux X servers
• VMM: fixed problems with Knoppix 5.0 (and other Linux kernels 2.6.15+)
• VMM: improved handling of self modifying code (aka Linux 2.6.15+ errors)
• VMM: introduce release logging for better servicability
• VMM: significant performance improvements, especially for Linux 2.6 guests
• VRDP: several issues have been fixed
• VRDP: fixed enhanced rdesktop to build correctly under Linux 2.6.15+
• Additions: added support for SUSE 10.1 and Fedora Core 5
• NAT: improved performance and stability
• NAT: handle host IP configuration changes at runtime
• VBoxManage: made VRDP authentication configurable
• VDI: added workaround against possible Windows host deadlocks caused by a
sychronisation aw in Windows
• ACPI: improved host power status reporting
12.11 Version 1.1.6 (2006-04-18)
• ACPI: added workaround for XP SP2 crash in intelppm.sys (the real problem is a
bug in this driver)
• IDE: added support for image files of up to 8 terabytes
• API: fixed several race conditions on SMP systems
• Network: significant performance improvements
• VRDP: fixed several issues with USB redirection
• IDE: added workaround for Windows 2000 installation problems due to a bug in
the Windows disk driver (see troubleshooting section)
• VRDP: provide extensive connection information (also exposed through VBox-
• Linux module: added support for Linux 2.6.16
• VBoxManage: improved support for immutable disk images
• iSCSI: several fixes
• USB: several fixes
• VBoxSDL: added switch for fixed video mode and guest image centering
• VMM: improved performance of Linux 2.6.x guests
Chris Brown – With You
Version 1.1.4 (2006-03-09)
Note: The configuration file format has been changed. After applying this update, ex-
ecute “VBoxManage updatesettings” to convert your configuration to the new format.
Note: Guest Additions have to be updated.
• General: added support for multi-generation snapshots
• VMM: fixed Linux guest reboot regression
• VRDP: added client authentication through external authentication libraries
(WinLogon and PAM interfaces are provided as sample code)
• VRDP: close TCP connection immediately when receiving bad data from the re-
mote side
• VRDP: improved Microsoft RDP client support
• XPCOM: fixed race condition on SMP systems that could lead to hung client
processes (Linux host)
• API: fixed race condition on SMP systems
• Network: added AMD PC-Net II 100MBit network card (Am79C973)
• Network: added PXE boot ROM for network boot
• Audio: fixed regression with Windows 2000 guests
• Audio: pause playback when VM is paused
• iSCSI: added standards compliant iSCSI initiator for transparent access of iSCSI
• VBoxSDL: ship on Windows as well
• VBoxManage: added command to clone a VDI file to another one having a dif-
ferent UUID
• Additions: added Linux additions (timesync, mouse pointer integration and
graphics driver)
• Additions: added Shared Folders for Windows guests (except NT)
• Linux module: fixed compilation problem on SUSE 10 system
• Linux installer: added custom shell script installer
no one deals like we do!
Version 1.1.2 (2006-02-03)
Note: Guest Additions have to be updated. The installation method has changed.
• BIOS: fixed CMOS checksum calculation (to avoid guest warnings)
• BIOS: improved APM support (to avoid guest warnings)
• IDE: Linux 2.6.14+ and OpenBSD now operate the controller in UDMA mode by
• VMM: fixed hang when rebooting Windows 2000 guests with enabled audio
• VMM: fixed random user mode crashes with OpenBSD guests
• VMM: increased timing accuracy (PIT, RTC), reduced PIT query overhead
• VMM: tamed execution thread to make GUI more responsive (esp. when execut-
ing real mode guest code such as bootloaders)
• VMM: significant performance enhancements for OpenBSD guests
• VMM: several performance enhancements
• VMM: improved memory layout on Windows hosts to allow for large amounts of
guest RAM
• VMM: significantly improved VM execution state saving and restoring (at the
expense of state file sizes)
• ACPI: fixed Windows bluescreen when assigning more than 512MB RAM to a
• ACPI: correctly report battery state when multiple batteries are present on the
host (Linux hosts)
• ACPI: enabled by default for newly created VMs
• APIC: added optional I/O APIC
• Graphics: fixed distortion when changing guest color depth without changing
the resolution
• VRDP: added support for remote USB (requires special rdesktop client)
• VRDP: added support for the Microsoft RDP client
• VRDP: improved audio support
• Floppy: controller can be disabled
• Floppy: fixed “no disk in drive” reporting
• Floppy: fixed writing to oppy images
• VBoxManage: restructured USB device filter syntax to make it more intuitive
• VBoxManage: added command for setting guest logon credentials
• Additions: added installer for Windows 2000/XP/2003 guests
• Additions: added custom GINA module which hooks MSGINA and can perform
automatic logons using credentials retrieved from the VMM
• Documentation: added draft of VirtualBox user manual
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Version 1.0.50 (2005-12-16)
Note: Guest Additions have to be updated
• VMM: added support for OpenBSD guests
• VMM: fixed a memory leak
• Network: added Internal Networking (to directly wire VMs without using host
interfaces and making the traffic visible on the host)
• Network: fixed crash/hang at exit with TAP on Linux
• Graphics: added support for additional custom VESA modes
• Graphics: added support for VESA modes with y offset
• VRDP: added support for remote audio (PCM encoding)
• USB: fixed several potential crashes
• USB: fixed revision filter matching
• USB: fixed support for devices with integrated USB hubs
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Version 1.0.48 (2005-11-23)
Note: The configuration has to be deleted as the format has changed. On Linux,
issue rm -rf ˜/.VirtualBox. On Windows, remove the directory C:\Documents and Set-
tings\\.VirtualBox. If you fail to do so, VirtualBox will not startup. Note:
Guest Additions have to be updated
• VMM: fixed a Linux 2.6 guest panic on certain P4 CPUs
• VMM: performance improvements
• Graphics: fixed y offset handling in dynamic resolution mode (secure labeling
• VDI: added support for immutable independent images (part of the upcoming
snapshot feature)
• Additions: added VBoxControl command line utility to get/set the guest video
acceleration status
• Additions: video acceleration is turned off by default, use VBoxControl to enable
it. It usually helps for VRDP performance.
• GUI: DirectDraw support for faster display handling on Win32.
• GUI: allow creation and assignment of disk images in the New VM wizard.
• USB: fixed high CPU load on certain Linux distributions
• VBoxSDL: fixed several secure labeling issues (crash at exit, protection against
guest video modes greater than what SDL provides on the host)
• VBoxManage: convert command line parameters from the current codepage to
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Version 1.0.46 (2005-11-04)
Note: Guest Additions have to be updated
• Linux: VirtualBox binaries can now be started from directories other than the
installation directory
• VMM: added support for PAE guest mode
• VMM: added support for hosts running in NX (No Execute) / DEP (Data Execu-
tion Prevention) mode
• Graphics: fixes for dynamic resolution handling
• Linux module: yet another kernel panic fix due to weird patches in RedHat
Enterprise Linux 4 Update 2
• VBoxSVC: if VBOX_USER_HOME is set, look for configuration in this directory
(default: $HOME/.VirtualBox)

Version 1.0.44 (2005-10-25)
Note: Guest Additions have to be updated.
• Installer: greatly improved Windows installer, fixed uninstall and perform driver
and COM registration through MSI
• VBoxManage: added commands to create and delete Win32 Host Interface Net-
working adapters
• VDI: updated virtual disk image format (for newly created images; old images
continue to work) with enhanced write performance and support for the upcom-
ing snapshot feature
• Network: performance improvements
• Graphics: added hardware acceleration to virtual graphics adapter and corre-
sponding Guest Additions driver
• Graphics/Additions/GUI: added dynamic resizing support
• Graphics: added workaround for buggy VESA support in Windows Vista/Longhorn
• VRDP: performance and stability improvements; added support for graphics ac-
celeration architecture
• USB: restructured USB subsystem; added support for filters to autocapture de-
vices that meet defined criteria
• GUI: added mouse wheel support
• VMM: added support for PAE host mode

Version 1.0.42 (2005-08-30)
Note: The configuration has to be deleted as the format has changed. On Linux,
issue rm -rf ˜/.VirtualBox. On Windows, remove the directory C:\Documents and Set-
tings\\.VirtualBox. If you fail to do so, VirtualBox will not startup. Note:
Guest Additions have to be updated.
• USB: added USB support for Windows hosts
• Network: renamed TUN to “Host Interface Networking” and TAP on Linux
• Network: added support for Host Interface Networking on Windows hosts
• Network: added “cable connected” property to the virtual network cards
• Floppy: added a virtual oppy drive to the VM and support for attaching oppy
images and capturing host oppy drives
• DVD/CD: added host CD/DVD drive support
• BIOS: added boot order support
• Saved states: made location configurable (default, global setting, machine spe-
cific setting, including VBoxManage command support)
• VMM: added support for host CPUs without FXSR (e.g. Via Centaur)
• VMM: increased performance of Linux 2.6 guests
• VMM: improved timing
• VMM: fixed traps in XP guests with ACPI enabled
• VBoxManage: added remote session start function (tstHeadless has been re-
moved from the distribution)
• VBoxManage: restructured commands, added numerous improvements
• GUI: propagate hostkey change to all running instances
• GUI: perform image access tests asynchronously
• GUI: added boot order support
• GUI: user interface redesign
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Version 1.0.40 (2005-06-17)
Note: The configuration has to be deleted as the format has changed. On Linux,
issue rm -rf ˜/.VirtualBox. On Windows, remove the directory C:\Documents and Set-
tings\\.VirtualBox. If you fail to do so, VirtualBox will not startup. Note:
Guest Additions have to be updated.
• SDK: ship VirtualBox development tools and sample program
• BIOS: made startup logo animation configurable for OEM customers
• BIOS: fixed network card detection under DOS
• Graphics: fixed VESA modes in XP and XFree86/X.org
• Network: fixed Linux guest issues
• Network: fixed NAT DHCP server to work with MS-DOS TCP/IP
• Network: fixed performance issue under heavy guest CPU load
• Network: fixed errors with more than one network card
• USB: added experimental USB support for Linux hosts
• VMM: fixed DOS A20 gate handling in real mode
• VMM: fixed TSS IO bitmap handling (crash in Debian/Knoppix hardware detec-
tion routine)
• VMM: fixed IO issue which broke VESA in X11
• VMM: performance improvements for Linux guests
• VMM: added local APIC support
• VBoxSDL: added pointer shape support and use host pointer in fullscreen mode
if available
• GUI: determine system parameters (e.g. maximum VDI size) using the API
• GUI: added detailed error information dialogs
• GUI: special handling of inaccessible media
• API: better error message handling, provide system parameters, handle inacces-
sible media
• Guest Additions: implemented full pointer shape support for all pointer color
depths including alpha channel
• VBoxManage: several command extensions

Version 1.0.39 (2005-05-05)
Note: Guest Additions have to be updated.
• Linux: converted XPCOM runtime to a single shared object
• Linux: fixed SIGALRM process crash on certain distributions
• VMM: fixed Linux guests with grsecurity (address space scrambling)
• ACPI: added experimental ACPI support
• VRDP: added shadow buffer for reduced bandwidth usage
• VRDP: added support for pointer shapes and remote pointer cache
• GUI: added support for pointer shapes
• Windows Additions: added support for high resolution video modes, including
multi screen modes (2, 3 and 4 screens)
• VBoxManage: added new command line tool to automate simple administration
tasks without having to write application code

Version 1.0.38 (2005-04-27)
• GUI: fixed creation of disk images larger than 4GB
• GUI: added network and audio configuration panels
• GUI: several keyboard issues fixed
• VBoxSDL: fixed -tunfd handling and added -tundev (Linux host)
• IDE: significant performance improvements in DMA modes
• Video: VRAM size is now configurable (1MB - 128MB; default 4MB)
• VMM: fixed several crashes and hangs while installing certain builds of Windows
2000 and XP
• VMM: allow guests to have more than 512MB of RAM
• VMM: resolved compatibility issues with SMP systems (Windows Host)
• VRDP: process cleanup on Linux fixed
• Linux module: fixed build error on Red Hat 2.4.21-15-EL
• NT Additions: fixed installation and a trap
• Win2k/XP Additions: fixed installation

Version 1.0.37 (2005-04-12)
Initial build with changelog
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