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Super Ubuntu is an operating system, functional directly from CD/DVD based on Ubuntu.

Super Ubuntu is an operating system, functional directly from CD/DVD without installation, but also with installation, it is based on Ubuntu.

Super Ubuntu is just Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), but it also includes:

* System and application updates: all updates released for Ubuntu + GIMP 2.6.3 + OpenOffice.org 3 + Firefox 3.0.4
* Better Multimedia Support: MPlayer and VLC, DVD-playback, MP3 support and other multimedia codecs.
Win an iPhone + iMusicCenter!
* Better Internet experience: aMSN, aMule, Adobe Flash player and Opera
* Support for portable applications/other installation methods: Autopackage, SFS Technology, Smart Package Manager, Wine and Zero Install
* Support for: Java RE, Microsoft Office 2007 file formats, others...
* Graphical interfaces/managers: compizconfig-settings-manager (Compiz), Gufw (Uncomplicated firewall), ndisgtk (NDISwrapper) and padevchooser (PulseAudio)
* Utilities: Adobe Reader, EnvyNG, Furius ISO Mount, GParted, NDISwrapper, Ubuntu Tweak and StartUp-Manager
* Extra repositories
This page lists all things that have changed in Super Ubuntu (compared to the original Ubuntu).

Software Included

* Adobe Reader 8.1.3
* aMule 2.2.2
* aMSN 0.97.2
* Autopackage 1.2.5
* Brasero 0.8.4
* compizconfig-settings-manager (to configure the settings of Compiz and the desktop effects)
* EnvyNG (command line version)
* Firefox 3.0.4
* Furius ISO Mount
* GParted 0.3.8
* GIMP 2.6.3
* gufw (GUI for uncomplicated firewall) 0.20.6
* MPlayer (media player)
* NDISwrapper and ndisgtk
* OpenOffice.org 3
* Opera 9.63
* padevchooser (the graphical interface for PulseAudio)
* RealPlayer 11
* SFS Technology
* Smart Package Manager 1.1.1
* Skype
* StartUp-Manager 1.9.11
* Mozilla Thunderbird
* ubuntu-restricted-extras (Java runtime environment, codecs, MP3 support, support for DVD-video, flash player, etc..)
* Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.4
* VLC Media Player 0.9.4
* Wine 1.1.10
* Wine-Doors 0.1.2
* Zero Install 0.3.7

Other features

* Automatic grabbing and releasing of the mouse cursor when running under VMware Workstation

Live USB

To create a Live USB, just use usb-creator (already included), or cd2usb (a Windows program)
Smaller/lighter version

For a version of Ubuntu with less programs, and only the essential stuff, try Ubuntu extras remix
Release info

* Latest Version: 2008.11
* Live DVD and Install DVD (x86 - 32 bits)
* ISO MD5 hash: a38af0e1c7f3039080f7e159901b4886
* ISO size: about 1.14 GB

Download links for Super Ubuntu 2008.11:

ISO (torrent - always seeded)

ISO (Direct Link 1)

ISO (Direct Link 2)

ISO (Direct Link 3)

Older versions

DEM IWO 600x400

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