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TEBE (Thunderbird Environment Backup Extension) beta Nightlies 3.0b1 - 3.1. released

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Note: This page is only for pre-releases.

  • Fixed: "Hide statusbar icon" and "Hide help icons" now work correctly.
  • Fixed: Chrome redeclaration errors
  • Fixed: Profile restore file picker now correctly filters for "profileTb{*}.tbu".
  • Fixed: Box.net upload/restore from now enabled.
  • Fixed: "Verify extension directory" window now works (Bug 469203 fixed).
Various fixes including typos and mis-labled items

  • Fixed: "Options" and "About" windows now open from add-ons manager window.
  • Fixed: "browser" changed to "Thunderbird" in options pane.


Initial release.

Known issues:
  • Some features disabled due to Bugs 239131 and 469203. These will be implemented when the bugs are resolved.
  • - No username/password backup
  • - No Box.net interface
  • - No quick backup
  • Help files need editing
  • For Thunderbird 3.0 and above
DEM IWO 600x400

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