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Seq24 is a software MIDI music sequencer that runs under Linux

Seq24 is a software MIDI music sequencer that runs under Linux.
It is designed to be simple to use and appropriate for live performance.

Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Seq is free software.

Seq24 is intended to be similar to hardware sequencers/samplers such as Akai's MPC line of instruments. It works by sequencing smaller sequences or loops of MIDI notes and performance information into larger music sequences in a manner similar to the way in which Sony's Acid software is used to sequence audio clips.
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While developed from 2002-2006 by Rob Buse, a team (calling themselves simply 'Seq24team') picked up the project in 2008 with Rob's blessing, and resumed work with release 0.9.0.

Seq24 is a minimal loop based midi sequencer.

It was created to provide a very simple interface for editing and playing midi 'loops'. After searching for a software based sequencer that would provide the functionality needed for a live performance, such as the Akai MPC line, the Kawai Q80 sequencer, or the popular Alesis MMT-8, I found nothing similar in the software realm. I set out to create a very minimal sequencer that excludes the bloated features of the large software sequencers, and includes a small subset of features that I have found usable in performing.

Future developments of seq24 will be available by the new seq24 development team located at launchpad seq24.

Latest Versions:


Seq24 Frequently Asked Questions
How do I build seq24 on OS X ?
Seq24 uses ALSA for midi input and output. Since ALSA has not yet been ported to OS X, neither has seq24. There are no plans to include OS X's native midi library.

Why doesn't seq24 have this feature ?
Maybe because no one ever suggested it or because it wasn't needed before. If your interested in a feature being added, let us know what your looking to do. Please use seq24-feature-request[at]filter24.org for feature requests.

Other Questions
Please search the seq24-users archives before emailing. Please post your questions to that list as well.
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