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Cube is a nice FPS 3D game, especially for Gamers who like to make their own mapping

In LinuxHotBox E-Magazine we plan to bring you gaming news on a regular basis. In this months magazine we want to bring the FPS game, Cube under your attention. For several reasons.

Yes, Cube is one of the many First Person Shooters around, but there are some things to mention that makes it special in it's kind.

First of all, it's a totally free game under the ZLIB license. This means, you may use Cube for any purpose and may freely distribute the cube archive unmodified on any media. Finally, it's allowed to create your own Cube version from the Cube engine and make your own Game maps, models and scripts and distribute it.

It has Limited Hardware requirements; you can play the game excellent on a 500 Mhz machine with 64MB ram and a graphics card with drivers that supports OpenGL, GeForce, NVidea, TNT2.

About the Game and the New Release

On the 23rd of December last year the new release of Cube became available with some new features and modifications. Cube is what a FPS is supposed to be. The game play is about killing stuff. It is a fully playable FPS game and has a Multiplayer and a Single player Mode.

The Multi Player Mode

In the Multi player mode you can play on the Internet or you can set up a LAN Game. Both are equally simple to set up.

To connect to the Internet you only have to update the serverlist from the Masterserver via the multiplayer menu and select a server to connect and play. You can also play via www.gamesnet.com See the FAQ how to connect to a gamesnet server.

There are two different single player modes
A classical progress-based monsters-wake-up-when-they-see-you mode which is very similar to Doom & Quake, and is played on maps specifically designed for SP.
An arena style SP mode (akin to my "DMSP" mod for quake) which you play on DM maps: 10 seconds after the game starts monsters start spawning in (currently about 1 per second), which are immediately angry at you. The map ends when they all have spawned and they are all killed (either by you or by their buddies ;). The number of monsters depends on the "skill" variable. Items respawn as in DM.


There are five weapon types: the super shotgun (similar to the one in DOOM II), the rocket launcher (a clone of Quake's), the chain gun (with similarities to the lightning gun in Quake III), the rifle (a counterpart of the railgun in Quake II and III), and the fist (like Quake III's gauntlet). Further more there are eight different kinds of monsters that you have to defeat.

The Maker
Cube is an initiative from Wouter van Oortmessen. The 32 year old Dutchman is still the big instigator behind the Cube project.
A programmer for 20 years he is already eight years in the game programming world. In 2000 he started the Cube project and still sees the Cube project as a personal and ongoing project with contributions from several areas. As I spoke to him asking about the future of Cube he told me that to look at the Sauerbr project that can be seen as the next gen Cube. Currently he is working at a University in the US at a new department where he educates a new generation game programmers.

Cube is a nice FPS 3D game, especially for Gamers who like to make their own mapping. When you are interested in programming your own game you can use the Cube engine to create it, you should consider Cube for sure. Last, Because of the low system requirements it's playable on most computers. So download it and have fun gaming.

More Info and Download:

To download The Game (size 18152 kb)


Home Page Cube

For installation and Configuration

Home Page Wouter van Oortmessen


Arnoud Wierstra

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