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New Distribution Release: Linux Mangaka Chu

mangaka_logo Linux Mangaka is an Ubuntu-based distributions designed primarily for the fans of Japanese Manga and Anime, with an innovative set of desktop themes, a large variety of programs for graphics design, many freely available Google applications, and a number of games. The project's second release, named Chu, is now available for download: "The English edition of the free, complete, easy and fast Anime Community Linux Operating System is out. Features: EXE programs compatibility, MAC/WIN key open menu, music preview on mouse-over-file, codecs for video and audio; Flash Player plugin for Google Chrome; huge pack of multimedia and Internet tools."

Read the release announcement and visit the distribution's About page to learn more.

The Linux Mangaka Chu live DVD image is available for download via BitTorrent: mangaka-chu-dvd-english.iso (2,382MB).

Linux Mangaka is a desktop Linux distribution originally designed primarily for the fans of Japanese Manga and Anime, but eventually evolving into a complete, beginner-friendly operating system with complete multimedia support. Based on Ubuntu with GNOME and Google desktop, the distribution includes a large variety of programs for graphics design, many freely available Google applications, a number of games, and an innovative set of desktop themes.


Software packages

abiword (2.8.1)
alsa-lib (1.0.21a)
amarok (2.2.1)
ati-driver (8.661)
bind (9.6.1-P2)
compiz (0.8.4)
cups (1.4.2)
db (4.8.24)
dhcp (4.1.0p1)
emacs (23.1)
evolution (2.28.1)
firefox (3.5.5)
freetype (2.3.11)
gcc (4.4.2)
gimp (2.6.7)
glibc (2.11)
gnucash (2.2.9)
gnumeric (1.8.4)
gtk+ (2.18.4)
hal (0.5.14)
httpd (2.2.14)
inkscape (0.47)
jre (6u17)
k3b (1.0.5)
kdebase (4.3.4)
koffice (2.1.0)
libgnome (2.28.0)
linux (2.6.32)
module-init-tools (3.11.1)
mono (
MPlayer (1.0rc2)
mysql (5.1.41)
nautilus (2.28.2)
NVIDIA (190.42)
OpenOffice.org (3.1.1)
openssh (5.3p1)
openssl (0.9.8l)
perl (5.10.1)
php (5.3.1)
pidgin (2.6.4)
postfix (2.6.5)
postgresql (8.4.1)
Python (3.1.1)
qt-x11 (4.6.0)
samba (3.4.3)
sendmail (8.14.3)
thunderbird (
udev (149)
vim (7.2)
xfce (4.6.1)
xine-lib (1.1.17)
xorg-server (1.7.3)

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Linux Mangaka One


Linux Mangaka Chu


Mangaka Linux is developed by a group named AnimeSoft International, a community formed mainly by Linux users and fansubbers, which develops this distribution on their spare time, which they codename AngelOS (Anime GNU Empowered Linux Operating System).

Mangaka Linux has two distributions, both released in DVD format. The first one, dubbed Mangaka Linux One, uses LXDE as its desktop environment, and the second, named Chu (word game with "Two"), uses GNOME and is more focused in new computers; the latter was released in November 2009. The latter was planned to be distributed both on DVD and in a set of CDs, but the plan was later dismissed.


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