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Released Debris 2.0 package compatible with Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04)

Debris-logo Stefan Emmerich has announced the release of Debris Linux 2.0, an Ubuntu-based desktop distribution with GNOME and Openbox in under 200 MB: "After a long time of development, we finally present Debris Linux 2.0.

Because of the large amount of testing and the fact that it is based on a very stable Ubuntu LTS version, Debris Linux 2.0 has proven to be a very stable system.

Debris Linux 2.0 is package compatible with Ubuntu 8.04 'Hardy Heron' - you can use all packages for this release from the Ubuntu repositories, except for those depending on the Ubuntu kernel! Changes since RC1: fixed the clipboard issue; new feature - build-fstab will also update the swap partition's UUID used for hibernation resume; updated Firefox 3.0.15; Ubuntu security updates. Debris Linux 2.0 will provide security updates until April 2011."

See the release announcement and changelog for more details.

Download: debris-2.0.iso (186MB, MD5).

• 2009-11-29: Distribution Release: Debris Linux 2.0
• 2009-06-20: Development Release: Debris Linux 1.8.2 (Beta)


Debris Linux gives you a simple, pleasing, but fully functional desktop with all applications necessary to get work done online and offline. It's intended to be fully usable as a LiveCD, but a lot of work also went into the installer which should make it easy for just about everyone to put it on the hard drive, either on its own partition or by using the complete disk. Apart from providing speed and efficiency, Debris Linux should be suitable for the "average" user who wants to just use a computer.

Debris Linux 2.0 is package compatible with Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) - you can use all packages for this release from the Ubuntu repositories, except for those depending on the Ubuntu kernel!

Download Stable Release

The latest stable release of Debris Linux is 2.0.

Standard Version
Download Debris Linux standard version

  • Uses a graphical boot loader (GRUB).
  • Works on most computers.

File size: 186.2MB
MD5SUM: 2162ad4742ad6b1af6fa77fd7fc3955d

Alternative Version
Download Debris Linux alternative version

  • Uses a simpler boot loader (isolinux)
  • If you can't boot the standard version, use this.

File size: 185.5MB
MD5SUM: 41440725629a3a35e96e3abf21c0b7c4

Burn the ISO images as CD images!

You also have to make sure that your computer can boot from CD-ROM.


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