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Zec is a client for Empire, a real time, multiplayer, internet-based game, featuring military, diplomatic, and economic goals

Zec is a client for Empire (http://www.wolfpackempire.com/), a real time, multiplayer, internet-based game, featuring military, diplomatic, and economic goals.

Currently there are two incarnations of zec: zec, and zecsh.

zec itself is a traditional script in the style of pei. While it is not as full-featured as pei, it does have the advantage of ZLE support.

zecsh is an experimental script, intended to be sourced from a running shell instance, in order to give the user the ability to intersperse normal shell constructs with Empire commands.

At this time, zecsh is considerably less stable than zec.

Empire is a real time, multiplayer, Internet-based game, featuring military, diplomatic, and economic goals. For more information on the game of Empire, please check the FAQ. A brief description of Empire is also available, as is a list of credits for the maintainers and people who have sent in code/bug fixes/ideas/etc. An overview of the Wolfpack Empire team is also available.

While Empire is possessed of a great deal of complexities, with a bit of effort, it has proven to be the one definitive Internet experience for a great deal of people. Empire is the pinnacle of strategy games in today's world. There is none better. All the information needed to become involved is available here, the official site for the game of Empire.

Empire is a game played across the Internet with up to 100 other people in real time. The game is up (usually) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Action can happen at any time.

Empire is a very addicting game. Marriages have been lost over playing empire. People have flunked out of school due to playing empire. Many, many, many a night's sleep has been lost due to empire.

Scared yet? If not, and the idea of setting your alarm clock for 3:00 am updates doesn't bother you when you have to get up and go to work at 5:30, or if sitting at your computer for days typing your fingers to nubs playing 24 hour blitzes appeals to you, then read on.

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