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vgrabbj is a program that will grab an image from a v4l compatible device.

vgrabbj is designed to take input, process it and output it. I know that sounds familiar.

vgrabbj is a program that will grab an image from a v4l compatible device (usually a webcam of some sort) and save it in a jpg or png file, with options given on the command line to imprint a label onto the image. It only works on v4l devices that can be set to 24-bit mode.

It takes a v4l (not v4l2!) device as input to put it into an jpeg, pnm, or png file.
You can add a timestamp into the image. You can also make it automagically upload it to your website via ftp.

Some of the options are made solely for users. I don't have any testing facilities to see if it works. Let me know. Share your experience with me. Let me improve it. Rant.

Whatever, but: mail me at jens (at) gecius (dot) de. User devel deleted because development stopped.

Download latest version is 0.9.6.

Libraries. jpeg, png, ftplib, z, and freetype (v1, libttf) - all with headers. If you don't have them, get them pre-packaged for your favourite distro or originals here:

Ftplib, optional,
Freetype, optional,

If you don't have the optionals at compile time, doesn't matter, but then you do not
have the timestamp feature. Same applies for the ftplib.

Follow the instructions inside the Lib-archives to install them.

Get   Chitika | Premium

More for webcam Recently, c't had an interesting project about an USB chip (Cypress Cy7C63001-IO2) preprogrammed by AK-Modul-Bus GmbH to control one 8bit and one 4bit port. c't used it to control a motor with a webcam mounted on it. Linux driver=nil, as usual. But there was something for another elektor project (see tilp project). I modified it heavily (my first kernel-development) and it works, but only fundamentally (is work in heavy progress). Try it to take control of the motor with linux!

My webcam is mounted on a 'grillmotor' like c't did it, but webcontrol is not enabled, yet.

The 0.2 tarball is available now. Here is the old 0.1 version.

If you need to tweak your Philips WebCam in detail (auto white balance, shutter, etc.), take a look at the setpwc project.


Easy, http access to the whole directory.

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