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Xnoise Media Player, a lightweight audio/video player that uses a tracklist centric design.

xnoiseplayerXnoise is a media player for GTK+ with an intuitive user interface, great speed and lots of features.

Xnoise allows listening to music and playing video in a very intuitive way: You can easily search the library and drag each artist, album or title to the tracklist (to any position in any order). In the tracklist all queued tracks (music or video) are played one by one without being removed.

There, you can reorder, insert or remove any track as it comes to your mind.

The media library (left side) contains all available media as a hierarchical tree structure of media tag metadata. It is easy to find any single track, artist, album or genre by using this tree structure or by just entering a search term. Here you find all you music, streams or videos in a nicely presented, searchable way.

  • Fast(!) searchable media library
  • Music and Video support
  • Equalizer with sound presets
  • 'Smart playlists' for last played and most played tracks
  • ID3 tag editing
  • Automatic album art fetching
  • 'Now playing' pane
  • State restore
  • Can play virtually all media
  • Media key support
  • Lightweight and speedy!
  • Optional Ubuntu unity integration (Quicklists, HUD, ..)
  • Plugins for UbuntuOne Music Store, MPRIS, Magnatune, LastFm (album art and scrobbling), Lyrics fetching, Notifications, Ubuntu Soundmenu, ..
A local database is used for caching the metadata and media locations. Xnoise has really a great speed and is memory efficient.

Xnoise Linux

If people would take over some tasks, fix some bugs or help developing, then the development of xnoise could be much faster.
  • Xnoise could need some help packaging for other distros.
  • You can translate xnoise into your language.
  • If you feel like you should add a feature to xnoise or a plugin then you should write to the mailing list.
By now, xnoise is available with localizations for Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish (CO and ES).


Download Packages


Open the terminal and run the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shkn/xnoise
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xnoise


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