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PsychoPy Psychology Software in Python.

PsychoPy is an open source software package, written in Python programming language, for the generation of experiments for neuroscience and experimental psychology.


Unlike most packages it provides users with a choice of interface; generate experiments by writing Python scripts or through a graphical interface which will generate a script for them (or by a combination of the two).


Its platform independence is achieved through the use of the wxPython widget library for the application and OpenGL for graphics calls.


Because it’s open source, you can download it and modify the package if you don’t like it. And if you make changes that others might use then please consider giving them back to the community via the mailing list. PsychoPy has been written and provided to you absolutely for free. For it to get better it needs as much input from everyone as possible.


Features. There are many advantages to using PsychoPy, but here are some of the key ones Simple install process Precise timing Huge variety of stimuli (see screenshots) generated in real-time: linear gratings, bitmaps constantly updating radial gratings random dots movies (DivX, mov, mpg...) text (unicode in any truetype font) shapes sounds (tones, numpy arrays, wav, ogg...) Platform independent - run the same script on Win, OS X or Linux Flexible stimulus units (degrees, cm, or pixels)

Coder interface for those that like to program

Builder interface for those that don’t Input from keyboard, mouse, microphone or button boxes Multi-monitor support


Automated monitor calibration (for supported photometers)

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