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Sid Meier's Civilization Strategy Guide: This is a list of leaders present in Civilization.

Each civilization leader features a combination of two of the possible eight leader traits.

The traits essentially describe the leader’s personality and offer unique bonuses and benefits to the civilization.

Certainly it’s important to consider your leader’s traits when guiding your civilization through its entire history.

Utilize the military bonuses offered by an Aggressive civilization to help conquer the world, strive for a culture victory with a Creative leader, or use the benefits of a Philosophical civilization to cultivate great people.

Ahmad al-Mansur (Civ5) Ahmad al-Mansur BNW-onlyMoroccan (Civ5) Moroccan
Alexander (Civ5) AlexanderGreek (Civ5) Greek
Ashurbanipal (Civ5) Ashurbanipal BNW-onlyAssyrian (Civ5) Assyrian
Askia (Civ5) AskiaSonghai (Civ5) Songhai
Attila (Civ5) Attila GodsKings5 clearHunnic (Civ5) Hunnic
Augustus Caesar (Civ5) Augustus CaesarRoman (Civ5) Roman
Bismarck (Civ5) BismarckGerman (Civ5) German
Boudicca (Civ5) Boudicca GodsKings5 clearCeltic (Civ5) Celtic
Casimir III (Civ5) Casimir III BNW-onlyPolish (Civ5) Polish
Catherine (Civ5) CatherineRussian (Civ5) Russian
Darius I (Civ5) Darius IPersian (Civ5) Persian
Dido (Civ5) Dido GodsKings5 clearCarthaginian (Civ5) Carthaginian
Elizabeth (Civ5) ElizabethEnglish (Civ5) English
Enrico Dandolo (Civ5) Enrico Dandolo BNW-onlyVenetian (Civ5) Venetian
Gajah Mada (Civ5) Gajah Mada BNW-onlyIndonesian (Civ5) Indonesian
Gandhi (Civ5) GandhiIndian (Civ5) Indian
Genghis Khan (Civ5) Genghis KhanMongolian (Civ5) Mongolian
Gustavus Adolphus (Civ5) Gustavus Adolphus GodsKings5 clearSwedish (Civ5) Swedish
Haile Selassie (Civ5) Haile Selassie GodsKings5 clearEthiopian (Civ5) Ethiopian
Harald Bluetooth (Civ5) Harald BluetoothDanish (Civ5) Danish
Harun al-Rashid (Civ5) Harun al-RashidArabian (Civ5) Arabian
Hiawatha (Civ5) HiawathaIroquois (Civ5) Iroquois
Isabella (Civ5) IsabellaSpanish (Civ5) Spanish
Kamehameha (Civ5) KamehamehaPolynesian (Civ5) Polynesian
Maria I (Civ5) Maria I BNW-onlyPortuguese (Civ5) Portuguese
Maria Theresa (Civ5) Maria Theresa GodsKings5 clearAustrian (Civ5) Austrian
Montezuma (Civ5) MontezumaAztec (Civ5) Aztec
Napoleon (Civ5) NapoleonFrench (Civ5) French
Nebuchadnezzar II (Civ5) Nebuchadnezzar IIBabylonian (Civ5) Babylonian
Oda Nobunaga (Civ5) Oda NobunagaJapanese (Civ5) Japanese
Pacal (Civ5) Pacal GodsKings5 clearMayan (Civ5) Mayan
Pachacuti (Civ5) PachacutiIncan (Civ5) Incan
Pedro II (Civ5) Pedro II BNW-onlyBrazilian (Civ5) Brazilian
Pocatello (Civ5) Pocatello BNW-onlyShoshone (Civ5) Shoshone
Ramesses II (Civ5) Ramesses IIEgyptian (Civ5) Egyptian
Ramkhamhaeng (Civ5) RamkhamhaengSiamese (Civ5) Siamese
Sejong (Civ5) SejongKorean (Civ5) Korean
Shaka (Civ5) Shaka BNW-onlyZulu (Civ5) Zulu
Suleiman (Civ5) SuleimanOttoman (Civ5) Ottoman
Theodora (Civ5) Theodora GodsKings5 clearByzantine (Civ5) Byzantine
Washington (Civ5) WashingtonAmerican (Civ5) American
William (Civ5) William GodsKings5 clearDutch (Civ5) Dutch
Wu Zetian (Civ5) Wu ZetianChinese (Civ5) Chinese
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