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Sid Meier's Civilization Strategy Guide: Ahmad al-Mansur is the leader of the Moroccans.

Ahmad al-Mansur (1549 – 25 August 1603) was the Sultan of the Saadi dynasty from 1578 to his death in 1603, the sixth and most famous of all rulers of the Saadis.

His powerful army and strategic location made him an influential player in both Europe and Africa during the late Renaissance period.

He has been described as "a man of profound Islamic learning, a lover of books, calligraphy and mathematics, as well as a connoisseur of mystical texts and a lover of scholarly discussions."
Civilization-Ahmad al-Mansur

Ahmad al-Mansur is the leader of the Moroccans.

Ahmad al-Mansur is the leader of the Moroccans in Civilization V: Brave New World.
Sid Meier's Civilization Strategy Guide: Ahmad al-Mansur is the leader of the Moroccans.Twitta
He speaks Moroccan Arabic, considered by most linguists to be the most deviated major variety from Modern Standard Arabic.

He is seen standing in front of a large caravan tent which is alongside an oasis within the Sahara desert, illuminated under an early evening sky.
Capital: Marrakech
Unique Unit: Berber Cavalry
Unique Improvement: Kasbah
Unique Ability: Gateway to Africa
Voice Actor: Badher Belhachemi
Civilization-Ahmad al-Mansur-pergamena

Battle of Ksar el Kebir.

In 1578, Ahmad's brother, Sultan Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I Saadi, died in battle against the Portuguese army at Ksar-el-Kebir. Ahmad was named his brother's successor and began his reign amid newly won prestige and wealth from the ransom of Portuguese captives.
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Songhai campaign.

The Songhai Empire was a western African state centered in eastern Mali. From the early 15th to the late 16th century, it was one of the largest African empires in history.

On October 16, 1590, Ahmad took advantage of recent civil strife in the empire and dispatched an army of 4,000 men across the Sahara desert under the command of converted Spaniard Judar Pasha.

Though the Songhai met them at the Battle of Tondibi with a force of 40,000, they lacked the Moroccan's gunpowder weapons and quickly fled.

Ahmad advanced, sacking the Songhai cities of Timbuktu and Djenné, as well as the capital Gao. Despite these initial successes, the logistics of controlling a territory across the Sahara soon grew too difficult, and the Saadians lost control of the cities not long after 1620.
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