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Puredyne USB-bootable GNU/Linux OS for creative media.

Puredyne is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution aimed at creative people. It provides a number of creative applications, alongside a solid set of graphic, audio and video tools in a fast, minimal package. It includes software for everything an artist might need - from sound art to innovative film-making. Puredyne is optimised for use in real-time audio and video processing and it distinguishes itself by offering a low latency kernel and high responsiveness needed by artists working in this field.

Puredyne is aimed at creative people, looking for tools outside the standard. It provides the best experimental creative applications alongside a solid set of graphic, audio and video tools in a fast, minimal package. For everything from sound art to innovative filmmaking.

Puredyne is optimised for use in realtime audio and video processing. It distinguishes itself by offering a low latency kernel and the high responsiveness needed by artists working in this field.

Puredyne is based on Ubuntu and Debian Live. All packages provided by Puredyne can be used if you are running this flavour of GNU/Linux. Use, share, copy, modify, join the development team or fork :)

Puredyne development has been made possible by Arts Council England. Thanks to the University of Huddersfield, LABoral - Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and Pixelache for additional support.

Used as a Live CD, puredyne is a complete Linux multimedia desktop environment that can run from virtually any x86 machine. The system can be booted from a CD, DVD, or USB stick.[10] Thanks to AuFS and the Debian Live system, it is possible to combine the CD and save all system changes, including new drivers and software, in any storage device (from hard-disk to USB sticks and other flash memory). Installing puredyne can be done in several ways. The fastest is just a matter of copying a folder from the CD to the Hard-Drive (liveHD) or to a flash key (liveUSB). The system is truly a live distribution as it remains unchanged no matter which medium it is booted from. The system also comes with GCC and special SDK tools to facilitate the modification of the distribution, the addition of new software and the creation of new ISO images.

Software highlights.

puredata, supercollider, csound, chuck, ladspa plugins, ardour, audacity, ecasound, ...
gimp, inkscape, fluxus, freej, processing + extras, imagemagick, gthumb, gphoto2, ...
mplayer, vlc, avidemux, kino, mencoder, transcode, luvcview, xawtv, recordmydesktop, ...
icecast2, ices2, ffmpeg2theora, oggfwd, darkice, darksnow, gstreamer, dvswitch, ...
firefox, links2, network-manager, wireless-tools, ssh, telnet, gftp, irssi, nfs, ...
gcc, make, patchutils, subversion, mercurial, bzr, emacs-goodies-el, java jdk, python, ...

...and much more:

Get    Chitika | Premium
Dan Stowell has announced the release of Puredyne 9.11, an Ubuntu-based distribution with real-time kernel designed primarily for music production and video editing: "Announcing the new release of Puredyne: Puredyne 9.11. After an intensive 3-day development sprint in Helsinki, this release made possible thanks to Pixelache and HIAP. Problems fixed in this release: amSynth loading crash; terminal dircolour theme; Fluxus menu entry; WhySynth menu entry; locale generation; Mixxx jack interface; booting without hard disks; appearance with two monitors; removed default Emacs key bindings for GTK+ applications; Emacs appearance improved; application launch keyboard shortcuts; coding style for build hooks; Irssi default intro text."

Here is the full release announcement.

Download: puredyne-911-DVD-i386.isoMD5), puredyne-911-DVD-amd64.iso (1,145MB, MD5).

Pure-data with Gem and GridFlow
Pure-data with Gem and GridFlow
SooperLooper with Calf Plugin Pack
SooperLooper with Calf Plugin Pack
SuperCollider and JACK control
Pure-data with PDP
Pure-data with PDP
Inkscape and GIMP
Inkscape and GIMP
Source: Puredyne

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