Infographic: Firefox Add-On Downloads Top 3 Billion.

Mozilla-Add-onsThe number of Firefox add-on downloads has been steadily increasing since June 2007, finally crossing the 3 billion download threshold today, Mozilla announced.

"That's almost half of the world's population and more than the number of people on the Internet today," Erica Jostedt, part of the Mozilla PR team, said in a blog post.

The total number includes only downloads from the Firefox Add-ons Gallery, not themes.
Since the company introduced add-ons in 2004 via the Firefox Add-ons Gallery, and later for phones in 2009, more than 85 percent of Firefox users have downloaded at least one add-on, and average about five add-ons per person, according to an infographic (below).

The Web additions enable users to customize the features, functionality, and appearance of the browser, turning Firefox into a wholly personal experience.

Mozilla Add-Ons Infographic

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