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Gstreamer open source multimedia framework Good 0.10.8 & Bad 0.10.7 stable releases

The GStreamer team is thrilled to announce new releases of the Good and Bad Plugins modules in the 0.10 GStreamer stable release series.

Check out release notes for gst-plugins-good and gst-plugins-bad or download tarballs for gst-plugins-good and gst-plugins-bad

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What is GStreamer?

GStreamer is a library that allows the construction of graphs of media-handling components, ranging from simple Ogg/Vorbis playback to complex audio (mixing) and video (non-linear editing) processing.
Applications can take advantage of advances in codec and filter technology transparently. Developers can add new codecs and filters by writing a simple plugin with a clean, generic interface.
GStreamer is released under the LGPL.


GStreamer has been ported to a wide range of operating systems, processors and compilers. This include but are not limited to Linux on i86,PPC, ARM using GCC. Solaris on x86 and SPARC using both GCC and Forte, MacOSX, Microsoft Windows using MS Visual Developer and IBM OS/400.

Comprehensive Core Library

  • Graph-based structure allows arbitrary pipeline construction
  • Based on GLib 2.0 object model for object-oriented design and inheritance
  • Compact core library of less than 500KB, about 65 K lines of code
  • Multi-threaded pipelines are trivial and transparent to construct
  • Clean and simple API for both plugin and application developers
  • Extremely lightweight data passing means very high performance/low latency
  • Complete debugging system for both core and plugin/app developers
  • Clocking to ensure global inter-stream synchronization (a/v sync)
  • Quality of service (qos) to ensure best possible quality under high CPU load
Intelligent Plugin Architecture
  • Dynamically loaded plugins provide elements and media types, demand-loaded via an XML registry, similar to ld.so.cache
  • Element interface handles all known types of sources, filters, sinks
  • Capabilities system allows verification of element compatibility using MIME types and media-specific properties
  • Autoplugging uses capabilities system to complete complex paths automatically
  • Pipelines can be saved to XML and loaded back to working state
  • Resource friendly plugins don't waste RAM
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Extensive Development Tools

GStreamer is rapidly approaching a stable API. There is still a number of items on our TODO list.

Because GStreamer is designed to be as generic as possible, a wide range of applications can be build on top of it with very little effort, allowing the programmer to focus on the user interface and human interaction components of application design.

In general, you should find packages that were specifically made for your distribution. Do not compile from source yourself unless you are certain you have to or want to. Do not compile from CVS unless you really need some specific feature that is not released yet, or want to help out developing GStreamer.


Fedora Core 5
Check our Fedora 5 download page.
Fedora Core 4 and older
Check our Fedora download page.
Red Hat 9
Note: the Red Hat repository is unmaintained and only provided for historical reasons. If you still want to know more, check our Red Hat download page.
Not yet in experimental but on Alioth (gstreamer core and plugins + rhythmbox).
echo "deb http://pkg-gnome.alioth.debian.org/debian/ experimental main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update
The ebuilds for Gentoo linux are available in portage.
In the case of problems or questions, check the Gentoo forums. Alternatively you can try the GStreamer irc channel and look for Foser or Zaheerm.
Packages for various architectures are available for OpenBSD 4.1.
We also have Windows binaries of the last core and base releases. You will find setup installers and win32dev packages including headers and .lib to build application based on GStreamer using Visual Studio.
Alternatively there is also OABuild which provides a fast and convenient way to build GStreamer, GTK+, D-Bus, Telepathy and .NET bindings for all of them on Windows, also without the usage of mingw/cygwin.
Check our modules page, or go straight to our source download directory.

Full 2

GStreamer applications

All applications listed alphabetically


amaroK is an audio player for KDE.

avisynth 3.0

Avisynth 3.0 is a powerful video frameserver.


Banshee is a music player for GNOME using Mono


Boxtream is a project of hardware and software forming a mobile and autonomous video streaming and recording studio.


BMPx is a music player using GTK+ with a 'Winamp' like interface


Buzztard is music application similar to Buzz or FastTracker.


A GStreamer video Recorder, which is currently under development and will be able to record perfectly synchronized audio/video in any format supported by GStreamer.


Dissent is a audio and video player written in C# and GTK+.

The Dave/Dina Project

The Dave/Dina Project is a set-top box distribution for playing and recording TV and multimedia and much more.

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Elisa is a OpenGL based cross-platform media center solution.


Eina is a traditional audio player with a GTK2 interface.


Exaile is a audio player for GNOME supporting a wide range of features. Its GUI and featureset is similar to that of the Amarok music player.


Flumotion is a distributed streaming media server


FUPlayer GNOME Media player written in Python.


Gamp is a GNOME based media player


Geekast is a GNOME P2P streaming client writen in Ruby


GNOME Media uses GStreamer for the volume control, sound recorder and cd player.


GMediaRender is a upnp client for use with upnp media servers


Goobox is a GNOME based cd-player and ripper

GStreamer Editor

A graphical pipeline contruction interface called GStreamer Editor.


Istanbul is a screen recorder


iStream is a GNOME panel applet for playing internet radio streams.


Jamboree is a GNOME based music player developed by Imendio.

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Jokosher is a multitrack music editori


JuK is an audio jukebox for KDE.


Kaffeine is a KDE based media player


Lindele is a GNOME based music player


Listen is a GNOME music player written in Python


LiveSupport is radio management software that provides live studio broadcast capabilities as well as remote automation in one integrated system.


marlin is a sample editor for Gnome.


MMS or My Media System is a media center style application.

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Monkey Bubble

Monkey Bubble a fun and cool game for GNOME using GStreamer to play some funky music and sweet sound effects.


Muine is a music player for GNOME using the Mono framework.


OggConvert is a tool for converting video to Ogg,Theora,Dirac and Vorbis formats.


Pakt is a XML abstraction for GObjects used with GStreamer to monitor and change elements parameters and pipeline structures.


Pitivi is a Non-Linear video editor utilizing the power of GStreamer and the Gnonlin non-linear video editing library.


Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application, originally inspired by Apple's iTunes.


Serpentine is a GNOME Audio cd recorder


Songbird is a cross-platform media player written using the XUL toolkit from Mozilla.

Sound Converter

Sound Converter Small GNOME based sound conversion application.

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Sound Juicer

Sound Juicer is a clean, mean, and lean CD ripper for GNOME.


SoundScrape is a modular audio synthesizer with built in GUILE scriptability.


Togra is a 3D multimedia framework

Quod Libet

Quod Libet is a Music Manager for GNOME written in Python


Thoggen is a DVD backup utility using GStreamer with a nice GTK+ frontend. Powerfull and easy to use.


Totem is a movie player for the GNOME desktop.


Towel is a GTKMM based music player.


WaveMixer is a multitrack sound editor written with gtkmm and GStreamer.


Wechselspieler is an artistic tool for mapping movements in video to MIDI events

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Experimental GStreamer applications


Aldegonde is a simple media player made to ease debugging of GStreamer playback issues.


Kiss is a simple KDE base media player meant as an example application for KDE developers who want to use GStreamer.


Permovi is a Linux-based HTPC (Home Theatre PC) application. It transforms a PC into a standalone CD-player/tuner/DVD-player/PVR device. Permovi is using the Mono framework.


Video-Whale is an implementation of a Gstreamer-based video-wall. Making a video wall with GStreamer is easy, this article with pictures from Zeeshan Ali shows you how.


gst-sci are a collection of scientific plugins for GStreamer.

Application ideas

Just about anything you can think to do with media is possible with GStreamer. You can see some of our ideas for applications. If you're not sure if your idea would work, just hop on the gstreamer-devel mailing list and ask us, we'll be glad to discuss it with you!

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