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A Better CD Encoder frontend command-line utility (actually, a shell script) that grabs tracks off a CD.

Abcde is a frontend command-line utility (actually, a shell script) that grabs tracks off a CD, encodes them to ogg or mp3 format, and tags them, all in one go.

Please note that I no longer maintain abcde. These pages are no longer updated. Please download recent versions of abcde here or read about recent updates here.

Abcde supports:

  • CDDA using cdparanoia or cdda2wav
  • Ogg Vorbis using oggenc or vorbize
  • MP3 using lame, gogo, bladeenc, mp3enc, xingmp3enc, or l3enc
  • CDDB using cd-discid, wget, and FreeDB
  • Ogg commenting using vorbiscomment
  • Tagging using id3 and id3v2
  • m3u playlists
  • Distributed remote MP3 encoding using distmp3
  • Simultaneous reading and encoding
  • SMP systems
  • Resuming interrupted sessions
  • Noninteractivity
  • Error logging of background processes
  • Various Artists discs of all types
  • Custom filename output and munging
  • Passing arbitrary options to subprocesses
  • Ejecting CD's after reading
  • Encoder nicing
  • Grabbing arbitrary ranges of tracks

Debian packages:

Debian potato and woody users can just type "apt-get install abcde" as root to install abcde.

Debian 2.x users should add the following line to their /etc/apt/sources.list file first:

deb http://lly.org/~rcw/ abcde/slink/

These packages were compiled in a hamm chroot environment and run on hamm, slink, and potato. id3lib and id3v2 packages will be added later.


Older versions:

Abcde was formerly known as cdgrab (until I found out that name was taken). You can find versions prior to 0.8.4 here and here.

Development versions:


This is the abcde 1.9.x development tree, which became 2.0 on August 15th, 2001. Coming soon - the abcde 2.1 development tree. The development changelog is available at:

Manual pages:

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