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A7Xpg is a free shoot 'em up developed by ABA Games for Linux and Windows.

Collect all the gold, while avoiding the enemies. Collect enough gold, and turn the tables on the enemies.

The goal of the game is to collect all the gold bullions found in each level and avoid crashing into any of the enemies.

As you progress through the levels you will encounter harder enemies, and you can gain a short period of invincibility if you gather gold at high speeds.

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A7Xpg is another gem among many by Kenta Cho.

The player drives a rectangular vessel, in one of the four directions. The player must earn a certain number of bonuses (points) to progress to the next level, bonuses that are automatically earned when hit by the figure, like in Snake, with many bonuses available simultaneously in certain levels. This is made more difficult by the inevitable enemies who approach, and who bar the player's passage to the next level in a different way for each enemy, as in Pacman. Their sequence of appearance, size and speed varies on each level. On top of this, players also earn bonuses based on the time taken.

The player can use a turbo for extra energy, but this deactivates after 1.5 seconds or after the vessel touches the sides of the screen.

Each time the player collects a bonus with the turbo mode activated, a bar is progressively raised. Once this bar is at its maximum, the player benefits from temporary invulnerability, and can kill enemies by touching them, which allows them to collect extra points, (as in certain games in the Mario series).

The game saves the last score, as well as the best. After a certain number of points are gained, the player receives an extra life or a continue.

A7Xpg is distinguished by its level of graphics and its style which is relatively rich. It uses an abundance of effects, in particular.

How to play

Control your ship and gather golds. The ship accelerates while holding the boost button. A boost power runs out about 1.5 seconds, so you have to push the boost button again to maintain the speed.

The gauge at the right-down corner is the power gauge. The power increases when you take a gold at high speed. When the power gauge becomes full, your ship becomes invincible for a while. Attack enemies and earn the bonus score.

DownloadDownload this file from SourceForge.net a7xpg - 0.110d

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