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Released Mozilla Minefield alpha 3.2a1pre

I was searching for the alpha release of Firefox 2 (Bon Echo) and I landed in a link to Firefox 3(MineField). I guess the installable available at this link of Firefox 2 which I guess is used as base for the next version of Firefox i.e. Minefield. I went ahead and installed the same and the browser seems to be working fine. But I saw some features which were slated to be in Firefox 2, which is confirming my belief that the download available at this location is of Firefox 2.

Some of the new features in this version:

L'immagine “http://img.etoiledirect.com/it/sky8_728x90.gif” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.

1. First thing you will notice is that now you have a close button for each tab (similar to the one in IE7 Beta)

Multi Window

2. The search button can be configured to set it to the search engine of your choice. There is even a separate dialog to manage the search engines !


3. Another improvement is with themes and extensions management. It has been merged in a single window accessible from the Tools/Add-ons menu.

themes and extensions

4. Feed Handling has been improved in the sense that now other than the Live Bookmarks of Firefox, you can specify the feed to be handled by a custom applicationBloglines, Google Reader, My Yahoo such as

Feed Handling

no one deals like we do!

5. Now you have an inbuilt spell checker which can be used when you fill up forms.

Spell Check

6. Also there is a option to restore session in case the browser crashes. All the windows that were open before the crash are restored automatically.

Download Bon Echo (The name might be Minefield, but this installable is of Bon Echo I believe). If you guys know of the location of Bon Echo Release let me know.

How Can You Help Test Minefield?

QMO logo

Testing Minefield is easy for new and old users alike. The list of ways to get involved below are just the start. For more information on how to help, check out QMO.

Run Testcases in Litmus
One of the simplest ways to test Minefield is by running Litmus tests. These tests are easy to use, so create an account and dive in.
Reporting Bugs
Found a problem in Minefield? Reporting bugs is another simple way to help. You can file bug reports to Mozilla's bug tracking system which gets triaged by volunteers. As you learn more about Minefield, you can help triage bugs as well!
Submit crash reports
Please use the Crash Reporter and turn it on when it asks. The Crash Reporter reports give us really valuable data on which crashes are the most serious, and how often people are encountering them. All you have to do is make sure the "Tell Mozilla about this crash" box is checked. After reporting, you can view your crash reports by typing about:crashes in the Minefield location bar.
Use the Reporter Tool
Minefield comes with a tool for reporting broken web sites. From the 'Help' menu, select 'Report Broken Web Site' and provide as much information as you can about the issue that you are encountering. You can view reports on the Reporter website.
Chris Brown – With You

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